Publisher: Midway
Ship Date: April 2006
Category: Arcade
Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation2, PSP
Cover Athlete: Chauncey Billups
Rating: E

Here it is…The NBA Finals in sunny Los Angeles, California. It’s time for all the unknowns from around the world to step on the court and get noticed by the right people. From scouts and coaches to casting directors, everyone is looking for the next “phenom.” You have one week to check out the city and prove that you’re the one everyone is looking for. Take the trophy in unique basketball tournaments, customize your style to get all the eyes on you, and interact with the local scene. By the end of the week, you could be the No. 1 draft pick of the NBA or on your way to your own entertainment empire. Have you got the skills to prove you belong at the top?

NBA Ballers: Phenom is a revolutionary sports video game that introduces an entirely new open world and interactive environment, featuring an exciting story mode and even more player customization opportunities than its predecessor. Set in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles, the player controls his own destiny, embarking on a personal quest to become tomorrow’s NBA phenomenon.

Players can follow the Baller’s dream by getting noticed on the court and drafted into the NBA, as well as become an entrepreneur off-the-court complete with clothing line, record label and movie deal. For the first time ever in the NBA Ballers franchise, the NBA Ballers: Phenom story mode allows the unique opportunity to develop both on and off-the-court adventures.

"NBA Ballers: Phenom is a unique combination of the franchise's highly praised, fast–paced basketball gameplay and the culture of today's professional athlete celebrity, " says Midway chief marketing officer Steve Allison. "Midway is continuously looking for ways to improve the player's ability to fully customize and interact with the game environment and to ultimately make decisions throughout the gameplay experience that affect the end result. NBA Ballers: Phenom retains the over the top basketball gameplay that Midway is known for while also offering the player so much more, both on and off the court."

The highly anticipated sequel in the NBA Ballers franchise takes flight with even more player customization options and all–new game modes that make NBA Ballers: Phenom the most in–depth and innovative basketball game in Midway's rich basketball history.

NBA Ballers: Phenom
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