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Welcome to ActionAllStars.com!

Action AllStars™ is a flash based, sports-themed virtual world designed for sports fans, ages six to 14-years-old.  Along with our partners, ConnectSafely.org, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball, Advanced Media (MLBAM), we strive to provide a Free, Fun, and Safe entertainment experience where users of all ages can meet new friends, chat about their favorite players and teams, decorate their very own Home Turf, participate in a variety of sports challenges based on real-world contests, and compete against buddies in one of the many exciting games.

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Make Your Own Athlete!
Create your very own athlete character from head-to-toe, choosing from options such as: your athlete’s name, gender, hair and eye color, skin tone, clothing and more!

Meet New Friends!
Use either of the provided ultra-safe, filtered chat features to meet new sports fans from around the world!

Play New Sports Games!
Choose from a number of challenging new sports games to earn points and tokens which will help you on your quest to becoming an AllStar!

Shop at Official Pro Stores!
Be sure to visit one of the official MLB or NBA stores to get the latest jerseys and accessories from your favorite players or pro sports teams!

Collect Cool Stuff!
Find and earn collectable items such as trading cards, badges and trophies as you explore the ever-changing world of Action AllStars!

Decorate Your Home Turf!
Show others what kind of fan you are by collecting cool furniture and accessories to decorate your Home Turf! Invite friends over for parties and events to show-off your team spirit!

Play Free. Have Fun. Be Safe.
The ActionAllStars.com team is committed to providing a safe online environment for sports fans of all ages. There is absolutely zero advertising allowed in our site and we’ve partnered with online safety experts such as ConnectSafely.org to ensure users of all ages remain safe throughout their experience with us. At any time, parents are provided with full access and control to their child’s account and we require that a parent to activate a child’s account at all times.

Launch Date: December 2008
Publisher: Six Degrees Games, Inc.
Pricing: Free to Play
$5.95 / month (Premium)


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