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Sixers vs. Nets: First half

Thaddeus Young has 13 points at the half and the Sixers lead the Nets at the break 54-46.





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Durant's Big Three

Durant's Big Three

Kevin Durant gets fouled and sinks an amazing 3-pointer late in Game 2.

Sick Westbrook Dunk Waved Off

Sick Westbrook Dunk Waved Off

Russell Westbrook takes flight with a sick one-hand spike but the basket is waved off be...

Play of the Day: DeMar DeRozan

Play of the Day: DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan climbs the ladder and punches it over Kyle Singler.

Young's Sick 360 Reverse

Young's Sick 360 Reverse

Nick Young pulls off a sick 360 reverse layup around Marc Gasol on the baseline.

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Jeff Teagues' Total Game

Jeff Teagues' Total Game

Relive some of the greate moments from Hawks guard Jeff Teague's impressive play this se...

The Starters: Do-si-do

The Starters: Do-si-do

LeBron James and Ray Allen engage in some NBA court do-si-do.

Through the Lens: LaMarcus Aldridge

Through the Lens: LaMarcus ...

As he steps up his game in the Playoffs, relive some of LaMarcus Aldridge best moments t...

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