The voice of the NBA in the UK comes from Beverley Turner, as the host of ITV's NBA 2001. She stopped by on Sunday, 11 March to talk to her fans worldwide on NBA.com/UK in a live chat to preview Global Week 2001 which kicks off March 12.

Turner is a prominent figure in British television across the sports board. During 1999, she recorded a brand new chat show for ITV2 entitled Sports Shack, conducted interviews and reported court-side for International Basketball (ITV2) and rink-side for (ITV2). She also gave an interview with Graham Norton for Football Unzipped (Rapido TV for Ch4) and hosted sports quiz Dream Ticket, a pilot show for ITV. Last year, Turner co-presented the female-oriented sports chat show Game Girls (Carlton/ITV2).

Turner's range also goes beyond sports. She became the face of the music show Videotech (Carlton/ITV) last year after hosting The Mix (ITV2) in 1999. She was not content with merely presenting Videotech and, at her request, Beverley wrote the scripts and devised the interviews.

Turner's duties on NBA 2001 include bringing fans the NBA's best highlights, along with special features hosted by NBA players such as the Lakers' Kobe Bryant and British star John Amaechi. NBA 2001 airs every Saturday on ITV at 1.55 p.m. and is repeated on Wednesdays on ITV2 at 1.30 a.m.

NBA.com Moderator at 11:06am ET
Hello fans. Beverley is here with us so fire away.

Luke Ellis from [] at 11:09am ET
What got you in to basketball and who is your favourite team and why. Also, I would like to thank you for putting basketball on ITV, because I don't have ITV2, see you next week and have a good time in New York.

Beverley Turner at 11:10am ET
I was working as a sports journalist in England and I didn't know anything about basketball. Then I was approached to do the coverage for ITV. I wasn't a big fan of the game when I started out, but now I definitely love it more and it's a shame that there aren't more people in the U.K who have taken interest. I didn't have a favourite team right away, but I realized within my first 12 months that I was a closet Lakers fan and conveniently they won (the Championship) after my first season.
Jamie Nolan from [] at 11:11am ET
I know while you were in Los Angeles you asked Kobe who his All-Star team would be, but I was wondering what your All-Star team would be and why?

Beverley Turner at 11:11am ET
I haven't really thought about it. But I think it would be similar to what Kobe said ... Shaq, Kobe, Iverson, Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber.
Rahil Naeem from [], at 11:12am ET
Who is better Vince Carter or Kobe Bryant?

Beverley Turner at 11:13am ET
I'd have to say Kobe Bryant. I think his temperament will give him more longevity. I think Kobe's got more desire, but I also think he understands the necessity to play as a team.
Carl Wong from [] at 11:13am ET
Do you think that Vince will stay in Toronto after this season? Or do you see him exploring his options and looking for a team with a bigger market?

Beverley Turner at 11:14am ET
I think he will explore his options. I don't think he will stay in Toronto much longer. I think he wants to be more in the limelight and that's not going to happen with Toronto.
Dave Wick from [], at 11:14am ET
Hi Bev, what is your best and worst moment in your coverage of the NBA?

Beverley Turner at 11:16am ET
My best moment and the worst moment would have to be combined. It was when Shaq proposed marriage to me. It was amusing and terrifying all at once. But my best moment is seeing Vince Carter dunk at last year's All-Star game and the worst moment is being stuck in a studio in Britain.
Rob from [] at 11:16am ET
Hey Beverley - luv ya. Have you given Shaq?s marriage proposal any thought?

Beverley Turner at 11:16am ET
No, absolutely not. I think Shaq might be already married. But, no I definitely haven't given it any serious consideration. However if Kobe should ask me...
X from [], at 11:18am ET
I watch NBA all the time and the reason I started watching was because I thought, ?Who is that beautiful babe?? So, I got into the NBA, especially last season.
I wanted to know, are you single?

Beverley Turner at 11:18am ET
I'm not engaged or married. But I do have a boyfriend. He's an Olympic Rower.
Geoff Teller from [], at 11:19am ET
I was wondering when us English people could expect to see more of you on TV? I don't get ITV2 so I don't see much. Any plans for the future?

Beverley Turner at 11:20am ET
We would all like to have more NBA on British television. But unfortunately, we are always fighting with football coverage. But if you are a fan, it's worth getting ITV. You should make your opinion known and write into the sports department at ITV. Address your mail to Brian Barwick.
Darryl from [], at 11:20am ET
Do you follow British basketball as well as the NBA and, if yes, whom do you support?

Beverley Turner at 11:21am ET
No, not really. I cover some European games for ITV2. But I don't really have time to cover both the British and the American league. And the NBA is so much better ... it is hard to watch British basketball when you watch so much NBA basketball.
Zach Wolstenholme (age 11) from [], at 11:21am ET
Who do you think will win the NBA season and playoffs?

Beverley Turner at 11:23am ET
I think probably the Lakers, I hope, although Philadelphia is obviously doing well. Ideally, I would like to see Lakers vs. New York or Lakers vs. Philadelphia. I'm actually at Madison Square Garden right now for the Miami vs. New York game.
PhilM from [] at 11:23am ET
Did you ever watch Channel 4's coverage of NBA and, if yes, how do you think you compare to their presenters?

Beverley Turner at 11:25am ET
No, I didn't. But I've heard a lot about it. I know I don't compare as far as their knowledge of the game. But I think it's important to take the NBA to a wider audience, which means making it more accessible and I hope I have done that. Incidentally, I think we have more than double their viewership. Last week, we have almost 2 million viewers.

Beverley Turner at 11:25am ET
Thank you. Please keep watching and I would love to know all your comments, so please keep them coming.
NBA.com Moderator at 11:27am ET
Thanks for visiting with us here on NBA.com/UK.