Atlantic - Central - Midwest - Pacific
Atlantic Division
Blount, MarkCBoston CelticsSigned with Denver
McCarty, WalterFBoston CelticsRe-signed
McLeod, RoshownFBoston CelticsFree agent
Rogers, RodneyFBoston CelticsSigned with New Jersey
Strickland, ErickGBoston CelticsSigned with Indiana
Gill, KendallGMiami HeatSigned with Minnesota
House, EddieGMiami HeatRe-signed
Jackson, JimFMiami HeatFree agent
Stepania, VladimirCMiami HeatRe-signed
Strickland, RodGMiami HeatFree agent
Johnson, AnthonyGNew Jersey NetsSigned with Cleveland
Marshall, DonnyFNew Jersey NetsFree agent
Robinson, LarryGNew York KnicksFree agent
Spencer, FeltonCNew York KnicksFree agent
Garrity, PatFOrlando MagicRe-signed
Hudson, TroyGOrlando MagicSigned with Minnesota
Jackson, JarenGOrlando MagicFree agent
Williams, MontyFOrlando MagicSigned with Philadelphia
Bell, RajaGPhiladelphia 76ersFree agent
Blount, CorieFPhiladelphia 76ersSigned with Chicago
Cummings, VonteegoGPhiladelphia 76ersSIgned with Cleveland
Harpring, MattFPhiladelphia 76ersSigned with Utah
McKey, DerrickFPhiladelphia 76ersFree agent
Smith, JabariCPhiladelphia 76ersSigned with Orlando
Jones, PopeyeFWashington WizardsSigned with Dallas
Nesby, TyroneFWashington WizardsFree agent
Central Division
Bowdler, CalFAtlanta HawksFree agent
Mottola, HannoCAtlanta HawksWill play in Spain
Newble, IraFAtlanta HawksRe-signed
Strickland, MarkFAtlanta HawksFree agent
Vaughn, JacqueGAtlanta HawksSigned with Orlando
Best, TravisGChicago BullsSigned with Miami
Guyton, A.J.GChicago BullsSigned with L.A. Lakers
Oakley, CharlesFChicago BullsFree agent
Richardson, NormGChicago BullsFree agent
Davis, RickyFCleveland CavaliersRe-signed
Doleac, MichaelCCleveland CavaliersSigned with New York
Langdon, TrajanGCleveland CavaliersFree agent
Skinner, BrianFCleveland CavaliersSigned with Philadelphia
Trepagnier, JeffGCleveland CavaliersFree agent
Alexander, VictorFDetroit PistonsFree agent
Barros, DanaGDetroit PistonsFree agent
Jones, DamonGDetroit PistonsFree agent
Moore, MikkiCDetroit PistonsFree agent
Ollie, KevinGIndiana PacersSigned with Milwaukee
Rogers, CarlosFIndiana PacersFree agent
Sundov, BrunoCIndiana PacersSigned with Boston
Alston, RaferGMilwaukee BucksFree agent
Anthony, GregGMilwaukee BucksFree agent
Foster, GregCMilwaukee BucksFree agent
Ham, DarvinFMilwaukee BucksSigned with Atlanta
Hart, JasonGMilwaukee BucksFree agent
Pope, MarkCMilwaukee BucksSigned with Knicks
Redd, MichaelGMilwaukee BucksFree agent
Nailon, LeeFNew Orleans HornetsRe-signed
Traylor, RobertFNew Orleans HornetsRe-signed
Childs, ChrisGToronto RaptorsSigned with New Jersey
Clark, KeonCToronto RaptorsSigned with Sacramento
Curry, DellGToronto RaptorsFree agent
Dial, DerrickGToronto RaptorsFree agent
Midwest Division
Buckner, GregFDallas MavericksSigned with Philadelphia
LaFrentz, RaefCDallas MavericksRe-signed
Najera, EduardoFDallas MavericksRe-signed
Newman, JohnnyFDallas MavericksFree agent
Wang, ZhizhiCDallas MavericksFree agent
Bowen, RyanFDenver NuggetsRe-signed
Cheaney, CalbertFDenver NuggetsSigned with Utah
Hamilton, ZendonFDenver NuggetsFree agent
Lenard, VoshonGDenver NuggetsFree agent
Satterfield, KennyGDenver NuggetsRe-signed
Williams, ScottFDenver NuggetsSigned with Phoenix
Brown, TierreGHouston RocketsFree agent
Langhi, DanFHouston RocketsSigned with Phoenix
Torres, OscarGHouston RocketsFree agent
Williams, WaltFHouston RocketsFree agent
Willis, KevinFHouston RocketsSigned with San Antonio
Buford, RodneyFMemphis GrizzliesFree agent
Fotsis, AntonisFMemphis GrizzliesFree agent
Long, GrantFMemphis GrizzliesFree agent
Solomon, WillieGMemphis GrizzliesFree agent
Avery, WilliamGMinnesota TimberwolvesSigned with Philadelphia
Billups, ChaunceyGMinnesota TimberwolvesSigned with Detroit
Mitchell, SamFMinnesota TimberwolvesRetired
Nesterovic, RadoslavCMinnesota TimberwolvesRe-signed
Pack, RobertGMinnesota TimberwolvesFree agent
Trent, GaryFMinnesota TimberwolvesRe-signed
Woods, LorenCMinnesota TimberwolvesFree agent
Bowen, BruceFSan Antonio SpursRe-signed
Ferry, DannyFSan Antonio SpursRe-signed
Parks, CherokeeFSan Antonio SpursSigned with L.A. Clippers
Porter, TerryGSan Antonio SpursRetired
Rose, MalikFSan Antonio SpursRe-signed
Collins, JarronCUtah JazzRe-signed
Crotty, JohnGUtah JazzFree agent
LaRue, RustyGUtah JazzFree agent
Lewis, QuincyGUtah JazzFree agent
Marshall, DonyellFUtah JazzSigned with Chicago
Padgett, ScottFUtah JazzFree agent
Russell, BryonFUtah JazzSigned with Washington
Starks, JohnGUtah JazzFree agent
Pacific Division
Blaylock, MookieGGolden State WarriorsFree agent
Garrett, DeanCGolden State WarriorsFree agent
Henderson, CedricFGolden State WarriorsSigned with Milwaukee
Hughes, LarryGGolden State WarriorsSigned with Washington
Oliver, DeanGGolden State WarriorsFree agent
Fowlkes, TremaineFLos Angeles ClippersRe-signed
McInnis, JeffGLos Angeles ClippersSigned with Portland
Olowokandi, MichaelCLos Angeles ClippersRe-signed
Overton, DougGLos Angeles ClippersSigned with Chicago
George, DeveanFLos Angeles LakersRe-signed
McCoy, JelaniCLos Angeles LakersFree agent
Medvedenko, StanislavFLos Angeles LakersRe-signed
Richmond, MitchGLos Angeles LakersFree agent
Shaw, BrianGLos Angeles LakersRe-signed
Crispin, JoeGPhoenix SunsFree agent
Majerle, DanGPhoenix SunsRetired
Wallace, JohnFPhoenix SunsFree agent
Boumtje-Boumtje, RubenCPortland Trail BlazersFree agent
Brunson, RickGPortland Trail BlazersSigned with Chicago
Butler, MitchellGPortland Trail BlazersFree agent
Dudley, ChrisCPortland Trail BlazersRe-signed
Wells, BonziFPortland Trail BlazersRe-signed
Bibby, MikeGSacramento KingsRe-signed
Brown, ChuckyFSacramento KingsFree agent
James, JeromeCSeattle SonicsRe-signed
Lewis, RashardFSeattle SonicsRe-signed
Livingston, RandyGSeattle SonicsFree agent
Long, ArtCSeattle SonicsSigned with Philadelphia
Oyedeji, OlumideCSeattle SonicsSigned with Orlando
Sesay, AnsuFSeattle SonicsRe-signed
Watson, EarlGSeattle SonicsSigned with Memphis