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Top Plays Ladder

The Top Plays Ladder is a free-flowing, continuously updated chart that ranks the best plays of 2012-13. When a play happens that brings you to your feet, check here to see how it ranks. And if it ain't here, sound the alarm.

The Takeover

March 11 -- It was unofficially official before, but now it's officially official: The Clippers have taken over the Ladder.

They are walking highlight packages. Problem is, they don't allow for settlement. Every time they play, the Ladder is at risk for readjustment.

Against the Pistons, DeAndre Jordan completed one of the Video most ferocious alley-oops you'll ever see. In the process, he decimated young guard Brandon Knight, who is as famous now as he ever was.

After the play, the Twitternets went to talking:

LeBron James (@KingJames): DeAndre Jordan!!!! Dayyyuummmm!! Dunk of the year #littletikeshoop

Brandon Jennings (@justryod3): OMG that Dunk was CRAZY. Wow!!! Dunk of the year.

Jeff Green (@unclejeffgreen): Oh my goodness... Just saw @deandrejordan dunk I don't know what to say...speechless man oh man, dunk of the year there's no topping that

After the game, teammate Blake Griffin commented: "That was the best dunk I've seen in person."

Like a champ, Knight let out a rebuttal of his own to the madness:

@BrandonKnight07: It wasn't in the scouting reports that the clippers threw lobs lol

A response almost as superb as the dunk.

Falling out:Video Harrison Barnes skies over Nikola Pekovic

-- Zettler Clay IV,

Questions, comments -- got a play for The Ladder to consider? Email us at

Straight Baptized : March 10

Was Brandon Knight sleep during the pregame film session? He must not have heard about the Clippers' big men. DeAndre Jordan gave him a lesson he'll never, ever, forget.

Loooob Citaaay : March 6

At the end of the day, behind the scoreboards and winning mantras, it's still basketball. And when it's done like this, it reminds us of why we pay so much attention to it. Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin complete a highlight for the ages.

Lowering The Boom : Feb. 12

You have facials that are powerful (see: Barnes) and you have facials that are powerful and graceful. In Toronto, DeRozan showed some Compton love to Mozgov, whose victim status continues to be safe.

Collison's Save : Dec. 27

Looking back on this play weeks after it happened, and it still ranks as one of the weirdest buzzer-beaters I've ever seen. While Video J.R. Smith and Video James Johnson may have had more impacting game-enders, Darren Collison's non-set shot to tie the game in OKC stands above.

Griffin, The Destroyer : Dec. 18

A stuff, a stalk and gritty staredown of a fallen Kyle Singler, then the appearance out of nowhere to finish an alley-oop that started as a chest pass. The Griffinator has one mission, people: seek and destroy. And this wasn't his Video most exciting play of the night.

Feeling Green : Feb. 7

Since Rajon Rondo went down, Jeff Green has picked up his stats, but the highlights have been consistent. Against the Lakers, his team joined him on the fun, setting TD Garden into a frenzy.

KD Gets Filthy : March 1

There's no way somebody this tall is supposed to finish off what Kevin Durant pulled against the Denver Nuggets. But this is why he's KD and I'm not.

Still Got It : Feb. 5

What more can one say about Kobe Bean? We create walls of "he's too old" and "he's not the same Mamba" for him to provide powerful rebuttals. The definitive "youth" moment of the season for No. 24.

Meeting At Rim : Nov. 23

Safe to say Blake Griffin is used to the high-wire acts. Generally it's on the offensive side. Don't tell that to Deron Williams.

Sharing Suns : Dec. 9

A team play leading to a score without the ball touching the ground will always get love from me. Check out the velocity on that fullcourt heave by Markieff Morris and the awareness by Jared Dudley to hit Shannon Brown in stride. Intuitive basketball at its finest.

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