Top Highlights From The State Fair

by Kyle Ratke

Web Editor


The Minnesota Timberwolves introduced the “new age” of Wolves basketball to the fine folks at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday. There were cookies, farm animals, pretty much everything on a stick and our close and personal friend Sid Hartman seemed to be everywhere.

For only being on the ground for four hours, this new foursome certainly made their presence felt through the fans. Whether it was on a giant slide, taking a selfie or eating fried alligator, these new four players look like they are already warming up to Minnesota.

Here are our top-four memories from yesterday’s time at the State Fair:

1.)    Thad’s Selfie

After being introduced to the State Fair crowd and bombarded with questions from the media, the Wolves were off to start their media tour. But not so fast. Anthony Bennett looked at Thaddeus Young and said, “Wait, man. Didn’t you wanna take a selfie?”

And that’s when this happened:

A big thanks to Will for documenting history.

Fun Fact: Earlier in the day, Bennett took a selfie to post on the Wolves social media channels. He told us it was the first time he’s ever taken a selfie. If I’m a Wolves fan, I’m impressed.

2.)    Zach LaVine Loves Life

Throughout the day, LaVine was pretty much all over. I’m not sure if words can do LaVine justice. These pictures speak for themselves.


He asked after how long the Fair goes until. I have a feeling he might make another trip there before it’s over. Keep your eyes open for a 6’5 dude on the Crazy Mouse.

3.)    The Attitude of Andrew Wiggins

He’s calm, cool and collected. He’s asked if he’s shy more than most people. On KFAN yesterday, he told Dan Barreiro that he thinks he’s already stepped out of his shell. This is who he is.  Wiggins can’t control his personality. There will always be pressure for him to be more outgoing from the external people, which is fine. Wiggins is 19 years old and he knows that the most important thing he’s going to do in this league is on the basketball court. He knows who he is.

The craziest thing about this is that Wiggins and LaVine are pretty good friends and have been since the beginning of the draft process. LaVine is an outgoing guy (see above) and he’s cool and collected in his own way. Opposites attract, I suppose.

4.)    Big Daddy Canada

Bennett is sometimes thought of as an afterthought of Saturday’s trade, but don’t forget he was the No.1  pick last season for a reason. Bennett, like Wiggins, has a bit of a laid back personality. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing.

We did get a laugh out of him before the Fair. A fan asked via Twitter if we could start calling him “Big Daddy Canada.” He laughed and said, “Whatever floats your boat.”


Do your thing, Twitter folks.

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