Timberwolves Split Raffle

Through the Timberwolves and the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters’ Hall of Fame Split Raffle Partnership, one lucky fan will walk away a winner after every Timberwolves home game this season! Ticket purchases will support the Federated Challenge for Kids of Minnesota and the Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation. Raffle tickets can be purchased from kiosks and/or sellers throughout the concourses. Ticket sales will begin when doors open and conclude at the end of the third quarter.

Fans can view the jackpot periodically throughout the game on the scoreboard and on all Split Raffle kiosks. The winning ticket will be announced in the middle of the fourth quarter and can also be found at the kiosks.

The winning ticket holder should report to the main kiosk located outside of section 138. Winners do not have to be present, and have thirty days to claim their prize. Winning raffle tickets will be posted below. For more information, please contact 612-673-1600.

View Timberwolves Split Raffle Official House Rules

If you have the winning Split Raffle number, please contact the Wolves at 612-673-1600.

Raffle Drawing Date Winning Number Winning Pot Prize Redeemed
November 1, 2016 vs MEM #189302 $667.00 NO
November 3, 2016 vs DEN #160268 $365.00 NO
November 12, 2016 vs LAC #117436 $484.00 YES
November 13, 2016 vs LAL #101574 $390.00 YES
November 15, 2016 vs CHA #169714 $345.00 YES
November 17, 2016 vs PHL #119817 $537.00 YES
November 21, 2016 vs BOS #117239 $531.00 YES
November 28, 2016 vs UTA #165751 $399.00 YES
November 30, 2016 vs NYK #143282 $751.00 YES
December 6, 2016 vs SAS #131100 $411.00 YES
December 9, 2016 vs DET #138051 $452.00 YES
December 11, 2016 vs GSW #179828 $621.00 YES
December 17, 2016 vs HOU #117816 $881.00 NO
December 19, 2016 vs PHX #156711 $511.00 YES
December 23, 2016 vs SAC #170179 $374.00 YES
December 26, 2016 vs ATL #112553 $643.00 NO
December 30, 2016 vs MIL #138493 $673.00 YES
January 1, 2017 vs POR #152224 $610.00 YES
January 7, 2017 vs UTA #135585 $819.00 YES
January 9, 2017 vs DAL #163293 $269.00 YES
January 11, 2017 vs HOU #166144 $449.00 YES
January 13, 2017 vs OKC #147074 $608.00 YES
January 22, 2017 vs DEN #161384 $432.00 YES
January 26, 2017 vs IND #104098 $575.00 YES
January 28, 2017 vs BKN #145893 $810.00 NO
January 30, 2017 vs ORL #126245 $457.00 YES
February 4, 2017 vs MEM #106044 $676.00 YES
February 6, 2017 vs MIA #112137 $470.00 YES
February 8, 2017 vs TOR #167034 $494.00 NO
February 10, 2017 vs NOL #163580 $640.00 YES
February 12, 2017 vs CHI #150878 $1135.00 YES
February 14, 2017 vs CLE #123046 $911.00 YES
February 24, 2017 vs DAL #130223 $522.00 YES
March 8, 2017 vs LAC #115298 $375.00 TBD
March 10, 2017 vs GSW #103745 $1462.00 TBD
March 13, 2017 vs WAS #101107 $336.00 TBD
March 21, 2017 vs SAS #185409 $701.00 TBD
March 30, 2017 vs LAL #133032 $671.00 TBD
April 1, 2017 vs SAC #132726 $382.00 TBD
April 3, 2017 vs POR #160639 $248.00 TBD
April 11, 2017 vs OKC #143204 $951.00 TBD

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the Timberwolves Split Raffle?

A raffle lottery held during each Timberwolves home game in which donations are shared between one lucky winner, the Federated Challenge, and the Ted Williams Foundation.


What is the Federated Challenge?

The Federated Challenge® is a one-of-a -kind fund-raising event benefiting Minnesota’s three Big Brother Big Sisters® agencies. Big Brothers Big Sisters is our nation's oldest and largest youth mentoring organization. Through one-to-one mentoring relationships between children and caring adults, Big Brothers Big Sisters helps young people overcome poverty, family turmoil, and a host of obstacles that threaten their future. The Federated Challenge rallies many notable corporations, philanthropic groups, and generous private citizens in support of youth mentoring. Since 2003, this event has raised more than $20 million and positively impacted the lives of thousands of young people throughout Minnesota.


What is the FastBreak Foundation?

The Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation provides and supports hands-on programs that positively impact Minnesota youth. Through giving, education and basketball opportunities, the Foundation enables young people to make responsible decisions, contribute to their futures and experience lifelong memories.


How old do you need to be to purchase raffle tickets?

You must be eighteen (18) years or older to purchase a Split Raffle ticket or claim a prize.


Can I buy tickets with a credit card?

No. Only cash is accepted at this time.


Where can raffle tickets be purchased?

Raffle tickets can be purchased from kiosks located outside of sections 138 and 121 and/or sellers located throughout the arena when sales are open.


How much do raffle tickets cost?

1 ticket for $2.00, 3 tickets for $5.00, 10 tickets for $10.00 and 40 tickets for $20.00. Each ticket purchased will represent one entry in the Raffle.


At what point during games do sales begin and end?

Ticket sales will begin when gates open and conclude at the end of the 3rd quarter.


At what point during games will the winning ticket be announced?

The winning tickets will be announced during the 4th quarter.


Where can I check the pot during the game?

Fans will be able to view the pot size on the scoreboard and an all Split Raffle kiosks. The winning ticket will be announced during the 4th quarter.


Must I be present to win? And how does the winner claim the prize?

The winner does not need to be present to win. The prize will be mailed to the winner within 30 days.


What tax forms do I need to obtain/file?

You will be presented with a W-9 form to complete when you arrive to claim your prize.