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Playoff Roundup | Heat And Drake Survive And Advance

by Kyle Ratke

Web Editor


Is it alarming that it took the Toronto Raptors seven games to beat the Indiana Pacers as the two seed in the East? Probably. But I’m imagining if you’re a Toronto fan, you’re just glad to be here.

The Raptors beat the Pacers 89-84 to advance to play the Miami Heat in the second round. But right when we thought Toronto had this thing wrapped up, Indiana outscored the Drakes 20-11 in the fourth quarter, making the final minutes/seconds kind of interesting.

I’m also convinced if the Pacers had won this series, Drake would have taken off his shirt only to reveal an old school Jermaine O’Neal Pacers jersey.

What does this mean for Toronto moving forward?

Well, it means the Raptors will play in the second round against the Heat. Going seven games is a bit of a concern as far as rest goes, but the Heat went seven games in their series as well, so it’s not an excuse.

That series will start Tuesday at 7 p.m. on TNT.

As for the Pacers, good for them.

The Pacers kind of have a make-shift lineup, but with Paul George, they have a true superstar and with Frank Vogel, they have one heck of a coach. Myles Turner, despite being horrible on Sunday, is a pleasant surprise. Indiana will be just fine move forward.

Worst Game 7 Ever? 

I didn’t do any research on this, so I don’t know what the real worst Game 7 is, but I’m just going to assume it was yesterday’s 106-73 Heat win over the Charlotte Hornets.

My plan was supposed to be: Sit on the couch, do nothing, watch basketball, order food. That’s it.

But in the second half, the Heat and Hornets game got so bad, I was forced to go for a run.  That ended up being refreshing an ultimately good for my body, but that’s not the point. 

Goran Dragic was the man in this one, bringing us back to the days when he was backing up Stevie Nash in Phoenix. He finished with 25 points, six rebounds and four assists, putting together his best game of the playoffs. 

Could you imagine how solid this team would be if Chris Bosh was healthy? (Get well soon, Chris.)

I like Miami over Toronto in the second round.

As for the Hornets. Well, they have Kemba Walker. And then I’m not sure what else you see when you look at this roster. Steve Clifford knows how to get the most of out his roster, but there’s really not a lot to work with moving forward. Nic Batum and Marvin Williams are going to be free agents. Al Jefferson isn’t getting any younger. Frank Kaminsky was 3-for-15 yesterday.

Jumpan will have to make a splash in free agency.

Steph Curry Klay Thompson With The Shot, Boy

“Without Curry, the Warriors would stink!”

Me, probably, at some point in the last year. 

This team can’t win the title without Steph, but the Warriors can still beat pretty much every team in the league without the MVP.

Last night against the Warriors, Klay Thompson went off for 37 points, 21 coming from the 3-point line. We’ve probably forgotten how good and dangerous he can be. Draymond Green did Draymond Green things, finishing with 23 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists. 

It look like Curry is aiming to come back for Game 3. If you’re the Blazers, you need to win Game 2 if you have a chance in this series.

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