Pekovic Takes Part In #IceBucketChallenge

by Kyle Ratke

Web Editor


We’ve seen the #IceBucketChallenge go viral. And for good reason. The ALS Association has raised more than $41 million according to If you haven’t taken part in the challenge or donated, I encourage you to do so. It’s a great cause. And it’s an excuse to pour ice cold water over your head.

Here with the Wolves, we’ve seen President Chris Wright, Vice President of Fan Experience Jeff Munneke and rookies Zach LaVine and Glenn Robinson III take part in the challenge.

On Thursday afternoon, however, we may have received the best one yet.

First off, it’s unfair for Nikola Pekovic to do something like this. He makes pouring ice on yourself look like picking daisies at the park. He’s the type of guy who loses his fishing rod while ice fishing --- only to reach his hand down the hole to find it. Nikola Pekovic is the man’s man.

I’ve seen people use sand buckets, water pitchers and even small cereal bowls to pour water on themselves.

Pek? Please. He uses a children’s bathtub for his. This tub needs two people to lift.

“But Kyle, these guys don’t look all that big…”

Of course they don’t! They are standing next to a man who is 6’11, 285 pounds.

I’ve seen friends of mine scream like they were on the Wild Thing after pouring the water in their face, like it was something unexpected. Not Pekovic. He knows what’s coming, and he’s ready for it.

Also, does that sign in the background say ‘PekMen’? I’m speechless.

Nice to see Pekovic is still being awesome and still giving back to the world this offseason.

Remember, you can donate to ALS here:

Look for Flip Saunders to take part in the challenge on Saturday. The pressure is on, Flip.

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