Wolves Volunteer At Emergency Foodshelf Network

Wolves Volunteer At Emergency Foodshelf Network

Mark Remme
Wolves Editor/Writer

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Members of the Timberwolves organization came together as a whole this month and volunteer their time toward packaging food for distribution at the Emergency Foodshelf Network in Minneapolis.

Fifteen Wolves workers volunteered to spend the afternoon packing 280 boxes of meat, 352 produces packs and labeled 900 cans of corn in three hours. That’s enough food to feed 3,428 people, according to EFN.

The EFN organization not only prides itself on not only distributing food to those in need, but fresh food. Peg McQuillan, the EFN director of development and marketing, said being able to distribute that fresh produce and meat is important because not only is it the healthiest part of the grocery store, but it’s also the most expensive.

She said the EFN was recently named No. 1 in nutritious food available to hunger relief systems, and that’s something the organization is proud of.

“We believe the food we provide should be healthy and hearty,” McQuillan said.

The Wolves make it a priority throughout the year to not only have their players and coaches give back to the community, but also workers throughout all the other departments within the organization. Organizations like the Timberwolves are vital to the EFN mission—McQuillan said volunteer hours equate to the workload of about 14 full-time employees. The Wolves are also an organization that provides grants to groups like EFN, which is another way McQuillan said the team is able to help their cause.

It’s something workers within the Timberwolves organization take very seriously.

“It’s important for me to give back—that’s just how I was raised and brought up to give back to my community, wherever I’m at,” manager of team operations Kaayla Chones said. “It’s important for the Timberwolves to give back, because we are such a big part of the state and the city, and it’s just good for us to come out and for others to see us give back to the community.”

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