Wolves Staff Volunteers with Minnesota Teen Challenge

Members of the Minnesota Timberwolves staff participated in their first volunteering opportunity of the off-season on Thursday, May 17, at Minnesota Teen Challenge, an organization that offers comprehensive addiction treatment and recovery services to teens and adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Timberwolves staff worked in two groups on different facilities improvement projects alongside members of Minnesota Teen Challenge's programs. One group helped out with some post-construction cleanup at the transitional facility, which will house the Minnesota Teen Challenge Leadership Institute program for graduates of the Teen Challenge programs.

"It's great to have volunteers come in and just encourage them," said Sam Witwicke, who works with the Minnesota Teen Challenge boys. "It's good to have people out in the community support them and ... show them that there [are] other people out there that care about them and want to see them succeed."

Minnesota Teen Challenge Grants and Marketing Assistant Will Kaul agreed: "I think it [shows] that they're cared for, and that what they're doing here at Teen Challenge is important, it's courageous and it's hard work."

The other group of Timberwolves volunteers planted flowers and plants at the women's residence building with two teen girls currently in the program.

Kaul said that, as a non-profit organization, Minnesota Teen Challenge's volunteer base is incredibly important to its success in carrying out its mission.

"We've been really enthused and pleased with the growing relationship we have with the Timberwolves, whether it's helping our prevention program or our guardian initiative or having [Timberwolves President] Chris Wright come speak at our gala," said Kaul. "We're really happy that a large, well-publicized organization like the Timberwolves can reach out to someone like us."

Peter McAdams, Business Development Executive for the Timberwolves and one of the day's volunteers, said that he was happy to take advantage of the opportunity to give back to the community and gain a new experience.

"It's just an opportunity to get more experiences with other people and see what's out there." Said McAdams. "I just moved here ... a couple years ago and always was involved in my old community."

McAdams said he had a great time working with his partner, a teen boy in the program, and getting to know him.

Kaul said it's that relationship-building and interaction with other members of the community that can really be beneficial to members of the program.

"I think it's mostly a way to encourage them, and maybe even a learning [experience], where they, when they're all done and healthy and graduated, that they will, in their own lives, give back in some way."

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