Wolves Sign Coors Light Player For A Day



Editor’s Note: Akshatha Anil was the winner of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ Player for a Day contest presented by Coors Light. She entered into the contest through a text message and was selected out of the pool to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience with the Wolves organization. She signed an official one-day contract, received an authentic jersey with her name on the back, answered questions during a real press conference and got shooting tips from Wolves General Manager Milt Newton and Director of Player Programs/Scout Calvin Booth on Thursday afternoon.

The experience continues on Friday when she takes in pregame warm-ups and the Timberwolves’ game against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. Timberwolves.com will have a full wrap-up her Anil’s experience after her experience is complete. Below is the official news story on Timberwolves.com featuring Anil’s signing and press conference.


Akshatha Anil is breaking down barriers. Sitting in front of a packed press room at Target Center on Thursday afternoon, she and Timberwolves Vice President of Basketball Operations Rob Babcock joined in unison to sign a one-day contract with the Wolves organization. She, by all accounts, appears to be the first female player in Timberwolves history.

“It feels very good,” Anil said. “I feel very accomplished knowing [all the hard work] paid off.”

On Thursday, she and Babcock fielded questions about what she—as the Wolves’ newest member—will be able to bring to the team.

Babcock said a player of her caliber was not easy to lock up, but the Timberwolves were happy to get the deal done.


“We’re on the cutting edge of analytics, and our most recent programs have determined the shorter height is more beneficial for navigating the lane,” Babcock said. “That was one of her plusses, and I think it can really benefit our team.”

Anil, a 22-year-old Apple Valley native, said she’s always been a Timberwolves fan. Her favorite player is Kevin Love, and she said her presence on the team will help free up a little more open space for Minnesota’s three-time All-Star.

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She’s a 3-point shooter, she said, and her skill set will help stretch the floor for Love.

“Having me on the team will help him even more,” Anil said. “I think last game he only scored 16 points. With me it’s going to be more in the 25 range.”

The fame of being a professional athlete won’t change her, she said, and she proved it on Thursday as she said the first big purchase she’ll buy with her one-day contract is something for her mom.

“Day by day I’ll just look at it as it goes and remember my roots,” she said.

For Babcock, he’s just happy the Wolves were able to lock Anil up.

“This is one of the most difficult negotiations we’ve ever gone through here,” Babcock said. “But we’re very, very pleased to get this done.”

Anil said this moment is a testament to her dedication on the basketball court.

“It’s all my hard work,” she said. “Like [Babcock] brought up earlier: I’ve been playing basketball for a long time.”


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