Wolves Own Four Selections in 2014 NBA Draft

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

The Minnesota Timberwolves own four selections in the 2014 NBA Draft, to be held on June 26, 2014. By way of their 40-42 regular season record, the Wolves are currently slotted into the No. 13 selection, with a 0.6% chance of attaining the first overall pick. The final order of this year's Draft will be determined at the NBA Draft Lottery, which will be held Tuesday, May 20.

The Wolves will also have three second-round picks, the 40th (New Orleans' selection - acquired 9/9/2009 via the Antonio Daniels/Bobby Brown and Darius Songalia trade), 44th (own) and 53rd (Golden State's selection - acquired 6/27/2013 via the Malcolm Lee and Andre Roberson trade) overall draft choices.

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