Wolves Introduce Shabazz Muhammad And Gorgui Dieng

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

Wolves Introduce Shabazz Muhammad And Gorgui Dieng

Below is a full transcript of the Timberwolves' introductory press conference for Shabazz Muhammad and Gorgui Dieng at Target Center on Friday.

Flip Saunders introduction:

"First of all, I'm excited for the players. This has been a long journey, and for a long time this has been one of their goals. They had an opportunity to get to the NBA, and we're excited about being able to have two players to our roster that will help us not only immediately but for the future. The NBA draft that has been development round draft, a lot of players have to develop over time, we got two players in Shabazz and Gorgui who are going to come and ready to contribute and that's important. Physicality and how they'll play is something that we look forward to adding to our team. We want to welcome their families. It's been a long journey for both their families and their agents. It's an opportunity for us in this draft to really plug some holes in roster... Everyone knows Shabazz is a phenomenal scorer, we've learned that. He's player that is competitive, works hard and is a winner... We though it was very important to bring in people in our organization that our winners. Both of these players, Shabazz of course winning the Pac-10 and Gorgui as far as being on the National Championship team and being a standout and a top defender. Two things that we wanted to draft. A scorer and the ability to defend the rim. Gorgui has altered more shot at the rim than any other player in college and as I said about Shabazz is he's a phenomenal scorer. We are very excited for them to be with us. They are excited to be here. Gorgui did say one thing. He said he liked the cold and I said he got picked by the right team then. So he's off to a great start.

Shabazz introduction:

"First of all I'm just really blessed to have this opportunity with this great association with the Wolves and like I said, I am going to come and really help the team and really learn from the veteran guys. There's a lot of bits and pieces that we can be a good team. I just want to come in here and want to work hard, (I'm) willing to work. Take coaching the right way and I think things will go great."

Gorgui introduction:

"Just want to thank everyone here and I'm pretty excited to be here right now. ...A lot of people that want to be where we are at today. I want to be a better basketball player...This team is pretty solid. I'm pretty excited and I'm looking forward to helping this team win. Because I believe in winning."

Did you see anything when you worked out Shabazz, what did you notice?

Flip: "The impression is that the things that impressed me more than anything was in his ability to score and how hard he played. During our due-diligence talking to coaches and coach Howland and people that worked with him, the one thing that always came out impressive was that he was a hard worker. (The) last guys in the gym, first guy in the gym. He really wants to work on his game and Gorgui is the same away. We want people that are gym rats. If you get guys that love the game they are going to work at it. They have a greater chance to reach their potential."

Shabazz on improving his game

"A couple thing I want to work on is being able increase my range of my jump shot. (I'm) really looking to pass the ball. We have really good passers with Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love and willing to learn from those guys. Passing, being an unselfish teammate and player. And trying to learn a lot and learn from the veterans. "

Shabazz on being unselfish

"That's one thing I've really been working on. And you figure it out that it makes life easier. When you're more unselfish the floor opens more for yourself and for your teammates. (I'm) really concentrating on that and I think it's been working out really well for myself. "

Shabazz and his relationship with Kevin Love

"Oh yeah, me and Kevin have a relationship. We used to work out in LA a lot, probably going to work out with him soon when I get back to LA. He's a great player and an All-Star big man. The bits and pieces on this team, is something we can really win from day one. Like I said, Kev's a great player."

Gorgui's adjustment

It's been great. Like I said I always believed in this and I wanted to be a professional basketball player one day...I'll do whatever it takes to be a good basketball player.... I'm excited to work with all these guys."

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