Wolves Drop Off Toys At Amplatz Children's Hospital

Lindsey LaBelle
Web Editorial Assistant


Timberwolves Luke Ridnour, Lou Amundson and mascot Crunch made a special visit to Amplatz Children's Hospital to help spread some holiday joy.

The three visited the hospital on December 21st and distributed gifts to patients and families to brighten their holiday season as part of The FastBreak Foundation's Season of Giving Month.

"It's fun to know that a community partnership like we have with the Minnesota Timberwolves has that impact on the kids," Nick Engbloom, External Relations Officer at University of Minnesota Medical Foundation, said. "Even more importantly, those kids that aren't going to be able to celebrate Christmas at home, to be able to bring Christmas to them at our hospital, and to share that with SPIRE Federal Credit Union as well as the Minnesota Timberwolves teaming up to give these kids gifts is unbelievable."

The patients and players shared gifts, autographs, and most importantly, smiles and laughter.

"Being able to give back in a time of when everyone wants to give, but when it's coming from Lou Amudson, Crunch, Luke Ridnour, and the entire organization, it's even more of a blessing for these children," Engbloom said.

Not only do the kids feel the warmth, but the impact is two-fold. Amundson said giving back and visitng with these kids truly helps him put things in perspective.

"When you come and you see kids that are really going through some tough health issues and are still smiling and energetic as they can be and positive, it's really a great thing for me, and it really kind of makes you see the broader picture in life," Amundson said.

In December, the Minnesota Timberwolves FastBreak Foundation celebrates the Season of Giving, presented by SPIRE Federal Credit Union. During the month, the FastBreak Foundation focuses on organizations and events that work to improve the holiday season for Minnesotans in need, as well as recognizing those in the community whose work assists others. The FastBreak Foundation is proud to be supported by the Roger and Nancy McCabe Foundation.

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