Wolves Draft Workout - June 13, 2013

Kansas center Jeff Withey
How many workouts have you been to so far?

This is number 10. It's been a long couple weeks. Been flying all over the place. I have about five more.

Was this like most workouts you've been to?

You know every place is pretty much the same, we got a lot of shots and played 3-on-3 ... This is one of the first times we actually went full court... pretty much the same stuff everywhere you go.

How would you fit in with a team like the Wolves?

No matter where I go I will be a defensive guy, that's what I do. I think pick and pop, pick and roll, (it will) probably make my life easier with a guy like Kevin Love next to me, a rebounding machine, just an awesome player. But wherever I go, my main thing will be on the defensive end.

Can you be a shot blocker?

That's what I did in college and I think I can do that at the next level, we'll see though. That's what I base my hat on and hopefully I can do that.

How has playing at KU helped you?

My first year I redshirted. I was underneath Cole (Aldrich), the Morris twins and then T-Rob (Thomas Robinson), so all those guys are lottery picks ... Just I got a lot better when I was finally able to hit the floor. Game was easy compared to practice.

Where do you think you'll go?

I've heard anything from to 15-25 so I have no idea my range is pretty wide, I've worked out for teams in the lottery and teams in the 20s.

What are your thoughts on teammate Ben McLemore?

I think he'll be a star, that's my personal opinion. I think he is very young. In our system he wasn't a 'get the ball go one on one' type of player, that's not what we do out at Kansas. He never really got to show that. It will be interesting to see where he goes. He's a nice guy but he's also a little pit bull when he needs to be.

How is he athletically?

He's a freak. Yeah, you know he still has a lot to work on, to be like Ray Allen obviously. He definitely has some potential. He just has to work on it, you never know.

Where to next?

I go to Atlanta to workout for them tomorrow.

Are you enjoying the overall process?

It's definitely fun. It's a different experience. It's something I haven't gone through before. I'm just trying to soak it all in. When you get to number 10, you start to feel a little achy, so I have to hop in a cold tub.

Wisconsin forward Ryan Evans How did the workout go?

It went well, got up and down, it was a good cardio workout. Got to see a lot of things, both on the defensive and offensive side, so it was good.

How many workouts have you done and how many do you have left?

This is my third one. (I) head to Washington tomorrow, so I have seven scheduled now.

What are you trying to show scouts?

The one thing they know I can do is play defense, rebound, but also show my outside game. I didn't do that much throughout college, but that's always been what I'm comfortable with playing on the perimeter. Just being able to go and show that, it felt good.

Perimeter game is something that I've always been comfortable doing, that's what I worked on this summer. Where I played in high school. It's great to get out there and really just build and play my game and be able to show that anyone who is willing to watch.

Where do you think you'll be drafted?

Don't know exactly what anything is looking like. I'm always optimistic, I got some good feedback from teams that I've worked out with so far. Got a couple teams that I'm going to be visiting again that have asked me to come back.

How good do you think Victor Oladipo will be?

A guy like him, he's someone who's in the gym all the time, so he's going to be constantly improving, so I think his outside game has gotten stronger, he's great. He's impressive me throughout his career the way he's really accomplished things and moved forward and gotten better. I'm looking forward to his transition to the league and I think he'll be a good pro.

What was it like going up against him?

We got the best of Indiana over the years. I think i always played pretty good against them, but yeah, he's a great defender. I love his work ethic and enthusiasm. I would love to have him as a teammate.

Can he overcome being undersized?

Yeah, hard work overcomes a lot of stuff in this world in general, I definitely think he'll overcome that.

Do you have a familiarity playing in the Midwest?

Yeah, the whole Midwest, I love it out here. I have a lot of support. Just walking down the street getting a lot of love, it's (Minneapolis) definitely a city I would love to play in. Hopefully they give me a shot.

You're going back to grad school. How are you balancing things?

I'm focused on basketball right now. I'll get back to that when the time comes. That's something I want to get finished up when the time comes.

Yeah, hopefully not for a while, I want to do what I absolutely love first and you know my second-love, really my first-love, that's what I do this for to educational leadership and help kids out to influence and inspire kids, that's why I want to have success on the court.

What did you think of the Lucas Nogueira's play

Mystery no longer. The kid's amazing. He's great player, I look forward to him being drafted 1st round most definitely. I'd say top-15, but you know, I'm not a scout or anything. He's a great player." Yeah, he's fun to play with. He reminds of something like an Anthony Davis, maybe even a little bit more bouncy. He's fun to play with.

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