Wolves Draft Workout - June 12, 2013

Wolves President of Basketball Operations Flip Saunders How did the prospects look?

They all had their moments, of course Zeller was individual workout. He shot the ball well, did good things that we thought he could do that he didn't think he did as much in the Big 10 with a lot of back to the basket... They all kind of showed different things.

Does Mike's Roseville location matter?

That doesn't really matter, when you there's some people that might think of that as a negative for a coach all kinds of people that know him scream for him normally the coach won't put the kid in the game if someone is screaming for him ... You judge more than anything on how well they play. He's got very, very good offensive skills, shoots the ball well, one of the better footwork perimeter players. He's not a center, he's forward.

How about Gobert?

He's a project. But he does have some ability, he's a guy that when you take, it's 3 years away from when he's going to have any kind of impact, working him out he's actually farther along in some areas offensively that I thought he would be... He actually did some things better than I thought he would, shooting the ball.

Can you take a project at No. 9?

Depending on how much that project you think can be good down the road, we're more right now ready to we think we can get someone at No. 9 that's going to help us.

More on Zeller

You can tell, we wanted to see the things that we thought he could do playing perimeter shooting the ball, his skill level, his footwork, those are the things that we saw. Whether it's individual or together we've seen him enough seeing him playing the Big 10, in the NCAA Tournament, we're aware of the things he can do in competing.

Is Zeller a forward or center?

"He's not a center, he's a power forward. Anyone who thinks he's a center, is not evaluating right now. Can he at times play in the league when he's on the floor and he's the biggest guy? A lot of times in our league team play a power forward at the center and at the point he can play that position."

Indiana forward Cody Zeller How's the workout process going?

It was good. Always fun to get to know different coaches, different GMs, each workout you can kind of learn something different from each coach so I try to make the most of it. Show them some things that I didn't do necessarily as much in college so I was just trying to get better.

What things didn't you show in college?

Just, we had so many different talented players on our team that it's tough to show everything that you can do. Things that you wouldn't normally do in a game, but improving, and areas that I can improve on for the NBA.

Are they emphasizing your outside shooting?

Somewhat. I mean, a lot of them come into practices in college and I had a group workout a few weeks ago, they know I can shoot it pretty well. I shot a lot in high school... In AAU, they definitely want to see it, but it's not a huge emphasis.

Were you worried about your draft stock falling?

I don't worry about it at all, we had such a talented team and I'm a team-first kind of guy, so seriously I could care less about where my draft status was throughout the year. As long as we were winning games. I'm going to end up in a good spot no matter what.

Are you a center or power forward?

I think I'll play a little bit of both four and five, the NBA guys are so big that, you know it's tough so, I've always been a little bit undersized, but I make up for in how hard I work and scrapping and clawing. That goes back to growing up with Luke and Tyler playing in the driveway. I've always been a little undersized and learned to play with it.

You're sweating a lot...

. Yeah, man. I lose, I mean there were certain games this year where I've lost 7-10 lbs, it's tough to for me to put on weight because I'm always working out and sweating so much.

Do you and teammate Victor Oladipo have a bet on who'll get drafted first?

No, not at all, we are hoping for the best for each other. We're competitive guys but we want the beast for each other at the end of the day.

Talk about the leap Victor made

That was our whole team last year, we were a hard working group of guys that 's what we had so much success this year. We're a competitive bunch, especially me and Vic, were always pushing each other in the weight room and on the court conditioning, so I think it made both of us a lot better. Big reason why were where we were at.

How would you fit in Minnesota?

I think it fit in well. To be able to grow behind Pekovic and Love. They are def a talented team. I know Rubio will be a lot of fun to play with.

Bucknell center Mike Muscala Was it nice coming home to workout?

Yeah, for sure. I just got a chance to see my parent yesterday on my day off. I saw my friends, so I've always grown up a Wolves fan, since the KG days. Wally Szczerbiak was my favorite player. this was a really fun time.

Did you stay at home or in a hotel?

I stayed at the hotel at the Mall of America... I was at my mom's house last night watching the game.

Would it be nice player for the Wolves?

For sure, obliviously this is where I grew up. All my friends and family are from around here, same time just gotta take it one day at a time, and you can't throw all your eggs in one basket.

Where have you been so far and where are you going yet?

Houston, Detroit, Denver, Washington, New York. This is my sixth,... I have seven left... It's a fun time.

How was it working out for Flip?

It's really cool, Flip was the coach (when I was growing up). It's awesome. I was thinking going into the locker room I used to walked through as a fan, but now to come into the locker room as a player.

Where do you think you'll be drafted?

I'm not really looking at it.. I think I'm hearing like late first round or early second, go out work hard and let it fall where it may.

What are you trying to show the team?

Just my strengths. I think I'm a really good shooter, a versatile player. I am a teammate, a good talker on the defensive side, I'm a leader. I try to show all those.

Forward/center Rudy Gobert (France) Are you feeling better than you did for workouts in Chicago?

Yeah, way better. I've been sick so I've been going through ups and downs with my stomach...

What do you need to show teams?

I mean, everything they don't know about me, I'm improving my shot. I can pass too, everything they think that they don't know about me... I can block shots; I need to show them I play hard. I'm working on my post moves...

What's your wingspan?

7-foot-8 1/2 wingspan.

Would it be nice playing in Minnesota with so many international players?

Of course, I would love to play with (Ricky) Rubio, my friend (Mickael) Gelabale, Andre Kirilenko, (Alexey) Shved, (Nikola) Pekovic. Yeah, there might be more international players than American players, so yea that would be nice.

Pittsburgh center Steven Adams How did the workout go?

It went well. It went really well. It was cool because the coaches were, it wasn't intense. It was real fun. They made it fun and competitive.

How many workouts have you been to so far and how many do you have left?

Six. This is number six. I have about six or seven more.

Do you feel like you'll lead the way for more players from New Zealand?

I feel like that's my responsibility to show that you know, 'hey America we got some basketball players in New Zealand'... That's all I'm trying to do. Make sure we're get some exposure down there.

What are you trying to show teams?

Just my strong points, defensive mainly that's all I'm concentrating on. Blocking shots.

Is blocking shots something that came natural for you?

Ah no...I have to work on my timing and stuff, coming from New Zealand where there are a lot of short guys, I didn't' really have to jump. Here, guys jump out of the gyms. It's crazy.

Did you feel small next to Gobert?

Nah, not at all. I'm big. I'm 7'2 with a 7'5 wingspan.

Where do you think you'll be drafted?

"just taking it day by day, I 'haven't even seen it, nobody's really told me.

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