Vikings in Club Cambria

In case you haven't yet heard, Club Cambria is the hot spot on game nights at Target Center. Wednesday evening as the Wolves battled the Mavericks, several Minnesota Vikings -- including Randy Hymes, Mike Doss, Maurice Mann, Martin Nance and Bobby Wade -- were up in CC.

Hymes was signed by the Vikes after their season ended in January. The talented 6-3 wide receiver will compete for a starting spot with the Vikes this season. He's also one of the better basketball players in the NFL, having played at Grambling. We caught up with him at halftime to see what was going on.

MT: What's up Randy, how's it going?
Hymes: Things are real good man. This is a cool spot here. I like the vibe in Club Cambria. This is actually my first game since 1994, so I'm enjoying myself.

MT: Definitely. Now, who's the NBA MVP this season?
Hymes: You have to take both Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki into consideration. I have to choose Dirk in this case, because of the season Dallas is having and him having a good year personally. Dallas is playing like they're going to win it all, so I'm going with Dirk.

MT: Who's your favorite player in the league?
Hymes: That's Tracy McGrady.

MT: Who's winning the NBA Finals?
Hymes: That's tough, but I'm going with the San Antonio Spurs.

MT: Are you automatically the best basketball player on the Vikings? I know cornerback Devante Edwards played some ball at N.C. State...
Hymes: Oh yeah, I got him. I'll take him down low.

MT: OK. So who's going #1 overall in the NFL Draft?
Hymes: I don't think Oakland needs a quarterback, so they're going to get Calvin Johnson. They got a QB last year.

MT: Finally, would you take a charge from Shaq?
Hymes: Noooo. I'd get my chest knocked out.