Training Camp Day 2

Timberwolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

Question: How’s the conditioning after two days?
Adelman: “I think they did it a lot better today. We tried to control it a bit more, trying to make sure it was organized. It’s the second day; some guys are a little tired. I tried to adjust to that. I thought they did a good job.”

Q: Did you do anything differently to minimize the chance for hamstring or anything like that?
Adelman: “Yeah, we did some controlled scrimmaging, instead of some all out scrimmaging at the end of practice. We were going to scrimmage at the end, too, but I decided not to do that. They had worked really hard. We did enough work, that was it.”

Q: Do you plan on two-a-days?
Adelman: “Right now, we’re just doing one.”

Q: Is that because of the situation?
Adelman: “Yeah, the last few years I’ve always gone once, and I’ve found that guys recover better. They have a lot longer to recover. We get everything in that one practice we want to get in. We will have a film session tomorrow and a practice. If we feel like we need two-a-days, we will adjust to that.”

Q: Do you get the sense that most people came in here in pretty good shape?
Adelman: “I think for the most part they did, yeah. We did that little drill at the end again. Today they finally made the free throws, so that saved them. I think for the most part, we’re always going to scrimmage a lot, so they’re going to get a lot of up and down.”

Q: Have you found that it makes any difference in the retention, one vs. two-a-days?
Adelman: “Usually I found that in the past - again, they haven’t given us all the rules. The way the rules were, you couldn’t do contact in the morning. We could do the same once a day. If you do contact in the morning, we found guys got beat up. They come back the next morning needing… you have guys sitting on the sideline. I’ve done this a number of years and I feel like it’s been really working for us.”

Q: Are you guys mixing the lineups up a lot? We saw Kevin and Ricky together, is that the plan?
Adelman: “Just to see different people together. I think they are a pretty good combination. You’ll probably see that change tomorrow. I’m just trying to get them all in to see who plays well together.”

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