Timberwolves Staff Volunteer At TreeHouse

Members of the Minnesota Timberwolves staff spent much of July 18 helping TreeHouse with home improvement projects and facility maintenance.

TreeHouse is a non-profit organization that offers guidance to at-risk teens dealing with tough issues such as depression/suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, truancy, self-injury and sexual activity. The Timberwolves sent about 15 workers over to TreeHouse to help clean out vans, pull weeds, reorganize their work spaces and pitch in a few extra helping hands.

“It’s such a huge gift to us to have people give up their time and their energy to do things that otherwise are really hard for us to get done,” TreeHouse Manager of Volunteer Relations Angela Shultis said.

Each month throughout the summer, the FastBreak Foundation provides Wolves and Lynx staff members a chance to give back to the community. At TreeHouse, those workers brought energy and a positive attitude, Shultis said.

TreeHouse Facility Supervisor Bill Goon said with 15 volunteers donating three hours of work, that’s more than a week’s worth of hours he would normally put toward maintenance around the facility.

“Volunteers like this group that came today is a true blessing for TreeHouse,” Goon said.

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