Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member Spotlight: Mark and Theresa Smith

Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member Spotlight: Mark and Theresa Smith

Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013-14 season, the Timberwolves will highlight and recognize members of our fan base who have been with the team since the beginning. As part of our Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member spotlight, the Wolves Radio Network and Timberwolves.com will feature Q&As with fans who have held season tickets since Day 1 back in 1989. You can hear these interviews on 830 WCCO-AM and the Timberwolves Radio Network during the Northland Ford Dealer Tip-off Show on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

You both have been with the team as season ticket member for 25 season. What made you want to get on the bandwagon?

Mark: I’ve always been a basketball guy. And so when the Wolves first started coming here I actually called my boss, I said hey, we got to get tickets, we got to get in this thing early. And so we did, and so we got it and now it’s been basketball.

With all of the ups and downs, was there ever a moment that made you want to hop off board?

Mark: Well, truthfully there was a few years where it just wasn’t the some of hustle wasn’t there, some of the other stuff wasn’t there, probably four years ago or so. But, one thing is, Glen Taylor is obviously a pretty classy guy. And one of my partners actually one time, was upset after a game, actually called Glen Taylor’s office, 20 minutes later he got a call from Glen Taylor, apologizing for the team because they had a bad game. That was a pretty classy move. That’s one of those things that makes you realize a guy like that has a pretty good direction on the organization.

STM Spotlight: Mark and Theresa Smith

Does that story give you the confidence that this team is heading in the right direction?

Mark: It does, obviously you know now, you got a basketball guy in Flip Saunders, who’s a Minnesota guy. Kind of running it, you can kind of see those moves. And obviously Glen Taylor is committed to it, so you got all the pieces right now. Everyone had to live through those injuries, that just happens in all sports. It just hit the Wolves really bad last year, but it should be a pretty exciting year.

Behind the scenes, what are some of the benefits you’ve gotten?

Theresa: Yeah, I got have a picture with him (Kevin Love), he signed my shirt and I’m going to have it framed, so that was cool.

Mark: She actually didn’t want me in the picture for that. And that was one of those things where it was halftime, Kevin was injured so he went up to meet some season ticket holders, so I got invited to that along with her and so, that was her highlight moment for sure.

How about you Mark, one or two memories that stick out?

Mark: Well, you know when you had Cassell and Garnett and that whole group and to make a run and make it to the playoffs and got to feel the electricity in the place, that’s the hard part, after that some things changed. I think everybody is looking forward to knowing we have some good years ahead.

Can you compare this year’s team to the 2003-04 team?
Mark: They do. Obviously you can see some young things they are doing that you know, like they have to get through that with some veterans but obviously with Adelman, his veteran leadership and things, you can definitely see it, and more than anything, it’s a young team. It’s not like, everyone knew with Cassell, Garnett, that was kind of a one and done, kind of limited, this is being built for the long term.

What would you tell someone who was on the fence about getting tickets?

Mark : Well, it’s a classy event when you come down to it. It’s just kind of fun, we park in the same spot, you kind of go out to eat in the same places and so it’s a fun evening. It’s winter time, you want to be indoors and now that they are doing some fun things on the court and of course, Ricky Rubio still will do one or two passes a game that will just light everybody up and that’s kind of nice having that kind of talent on the court.

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