Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member Spotlight: John Wagner

Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member Spotlight: John Wagner

Editor’s Note: Throughout the 2013-14 season, the Timberwolves will highlight and recognize members of our fan base who have been with the team since the beginning. As part of our Timberwolves 25 Season Ticket Member spotlight, the Wolves Radio Network and Timberwolves.com will feature Q&As with fans who have held season tickets since Day 1 back in 1989. You can hear these interviews on 830 WCCO-AM and the Timberwolves Radio Network during the Northland Ford Dealer Tip-off Show on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What made you first want to be a season ticket member for the Wolves?

“Well, I grew up watching basketball on TV, you know, NBA, some of the big superstars and I played basketball in high school, so it was just a natural that we could see other teams come here and watch NBA basketball.”

Did it take you a while to become a fan? There were a few tough years.

“Well, we didn’t have big expectations but I thought it was great. On seniority day I think was 86, and 89 when they started in the Metronome I thought that was probably one of the best years that I’ve had since the 25 years actually.”

A lot of fans have said their site lines at the Dome weren’t great. Can you say the same?

“Well it didn’t matter, it was more of a fan thing, people, fan participation. They were excited about the Wolves and they didn’t win their first game until the third one which was I think 76ers and that was really a high scoring game, I remember that. But it was like everyone participated on every play, everybody stood up, they sat down, they stood up, and you know, it was good. It was fun.”

Do you see that same excitement for this year’s team?

“Yeah, everyone is getting a little more excited I think and make sure that big things are coming.”

STM Spotlight: John Wagner

Do you think they can make the playoffs this season?

“Oh, I think they can make the playoffs this year, yeah. And Western Conference Finals this year, maybe, but next year for sure.”

Have you been apart any of the events and perks off of the court?

“The events, yeah I’ve gone to a couple of those where we’ve gotten to see the players in person, have maybe 20 or 30 people in the room and have dinner, they talk and say a little about themselves. I think that’s great to get to know the players.”

Is there something that you get from going to the game that you don’t get from simply watching it on TV?

“Oh, yeah, definitely. You get to see Crunch, see the halftime shows; it’s all part of the whole experience. I think it’s great, I bring my kids, my kids are older now, but when they first started, they, one daughter was three, we used to carry her in and then I had two seats and she sat between us and one of the other kids would rotate and stuff, so it’s all about you know, the stuff that happens besides the game.”

Would you advise others to hop on the season ticket membership train while they can?

“Oh, I’d definitely do it. It’s a good value for entertainment and you get a lot of extra things with it besides just the game.”

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