Thursday's Draft Workout: Session 2

Jae Crowder

Height: 6-6
Weight: 235
Position: Small Forward
Class: Senior
College/Team: Marquette

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 17.5 RPG: 8.4 APG: 2.1

Crowder’s Reaction:

On being a part of Marquette

Just knowing that there was a lot at stake playing there, a lot of history there. So just trying to fulfill that and keep it going there at Marquette, and that's what we did, and that's what we tried to do playing in their system. But it's been a great two years for me there, and I look forward to moving on.

On what he brought to Marquette that he can bring to the NBA

Probably the leadership and energy I brought every night. Trying to be consistent, get my play on the defensive and offensive end, and trying to be accountable for everything I do, for my actions on and off the court. That's one thing you can take with you wherever you go.

On playing defense at the three position

I feel like it's a mindset. And my mindset is totally on the defensive end as of right now, and I feel like I can really bring something to a team on the defensive end, as of today and start stepping in right away and try to contribute on the defensive end. And I think that's part of it, that's part of the switch I'm going through, so it'll be good.

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Kevin Murphy

Height: 6-7
Weight: 185
Position: Shooting Guard
Class: Senior
College/Team: Tennessee Tech

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 20.6 RPG: 5.2 APG: 2.3

Murphy’s Reaction:

On his time at Tennessee Tech

I feel like at Tennessee Tech, every year I got better in some aspect of the game. Not always scoring -- I got better at, I averaged more rebounds each year, more assists, so I feel like I became an all-around player.

On his 50-point game

It was just a game; I didn't even know I had 50 really, it was just a game. Coach was just calling plays for me, my team did a good job getting me open. I was coming off, catching and shooting — easy shots, really. It wasn't nothing really incredible to me. I watched the film and everything. So it was just like, I wasn't missing. So it was pretty good.

On getting recognized

Yeah, helped me out. That 50-point game helped me out a lot in the aspect of getting noticed, like, nationwide. Coming from a small school like Tennessee Tech., I didn't get the exposure as a lot of players. So I think that game really helped me out a lot. View Kevin Murphy's Draft Profile HERE.

Scott Machado

Height: 6-1
Weight: 180
Position: Point Guard
Class: Junior
College/Team: Iona

2011-12 Stats:
PPG: 13.6 RPG: 4.9 APG: 9.9

Machado’s Reaction:

On his court vision and ability to assist

That's something that I was always able to do. It just depends on what the coach asks me to do, and I was asked to be a point guard first, so that's what I did. And I look for my teammates and just make sure that they got a better shot than I could possibly get myself.

On what he hopes to improve

Just to show that I'm a versatile player. I'm a playmaker, and I can help a team get better. So I mean, it's just a wonderful thing.

What's the biggest difference between college and the pros?

Defending. I feel like, you're just playing against the best in the world and it's just something you've got to be able to do and adapt to. The game is so much faster, and it's just something that you've got to be able to do.

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