Throwback Week | Friday: Wolves vs. Rockets

by Mark Remme
Web Editor

As we continue to celebrate 25 seasons, is putting together a compilation of photos and videos this week that highlight our past, present and future. On Wednesday night, the Wolves take on the Houston Rockets. Hakeem the Dream was one of the most technically-sound players of his generation. He was a staple of the Rockets' front court for 17 seasons and made the All-Star team in 12 of his first 13 years in the league. He Hall of Famer averaged 24.3 points while leading the league in rebounds per game (14.0) and blocks pert game (4.6) during the Wolves' inaugural season of 1989-90. He'd also go on to help the Rockets win back-to-back titles in 1994 against the Knicks and 1995 against the Magic. 


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