Tale of the Tape: Tyrone Corbin vs. Corey Brewer

Tale of the Tape: Tyrone Corbin vs. Corey Brewer

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Editor's Note: As part of our 25th season celebration, Timberwolves.com will put together a Tale of the Tape each week during the month of December showcasing a fantasy basketball matchup between the Wolves' current starting five and its starters from the 1989-90 inaugural season. This week, we focus on small forward: Tyrone Corbin vs. Corey Brewer.


Tyrone Corbin spent time in San Antonio, Cleveland and Phoenix before being chosen by the Timberwolves in the 1989 expansion draft. Corbin, a DePaul College alum, was drafted by the Spurs in the second round of the 1985 NBA draft. Upon joining the Wolves young squad in 1989, Corbin held a reputation as a high-energy player, leading the team in offensive rebounds and steals throughout the season. Corbin was known as a well-traveled player, spending 16 seasons in the NBA with 9 different teams. Using that experience to his advantage, Corbin became the head coach of the Utah Jazz in 2011.

Corey Brewer was an established champion prior to ever being drafted into the NBA. Brewer, who won back-to-back NCAA championships in 2006 and 2007 with Florida, was picked seventh in the first round of the NBA Draft in 2007 by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Never reaching expectations of a high draft choice, Brewer struggled to find a role on a rebuilding squad. Brewer was traded away in 2011 to the New York Knicks, who cut him immediately. After being picked up by the Mavericks, Brewer won his first NBA championship. He moved on the following year to Denver, where he found himself and his role as a pro player. In 2013, Brewer returned to the Twin Cities.


One on One:


Advantage Corbin Brewer  
Height/Weight X X Brewer has quite the edge, towering three inches over Corbin. But Corbin outweighs Brewer by 35-40 pounds.
Free Throws X X Corbin makes slightly more free throws, completing 77 percent to Brewer's 74 percent. It's a toss-up.
Field Goals X   Corbin shot the ball at 48 percent to Brewer's 44 percent.
3-Point Shots   X Brewer is improving from 3 over his career, particularly from the corner. Corbin went 0-for-11 from beyond the arc in 1989-90.
Rebounding X   This one isn't even close. Corbin led the team in rebounding. He averaged 7.0 per game.
Steals X   Both players are known for thier quick hands. Corbin has an edge here, but part of that could be because he had rim-protector Randy Breuer behind him.
Assists X   Corbin is more likley to set up a play and averaged over 2.0 assists per game.
Turnovers   X Brewer has fewer turnovers per game by a narrow 0.1 margin (1.6-1.5).
Points Per Game X X Brewer (12.0 ppg) has worked on his outside shooting, but Corbin (14.0 ppg) had a more natural shot. 
Total Score 7 5 Corbin has a slight edge over Brewer in this matchup.



Sometimes the quality of a player and his contributions can’t be measured by statistics. Often, it’s about doing the little things, such as creating a turnover or playing with intensity, which are exactly what Brewer and Corbin are known for.

As an NBA coach, Ty Corbin brings a strong defensive philosophy to the organization. This stems from it being his focus as a player. Corbin is ranked 8th in all-time Timberwolves steals with 349. Not far behind is Brewer, who is ranked 9th with 340.

Although both players are shifty on the defensive end, a much shorter Corbin thrived at rebounding. He led the team in rebounds during the inaugural season, where as Brewer scrambles to grab more than 2-3 per game.

Where Brewer struggles pushing his weight around in the paint, he makes up for with his evolving outside shot. Since being drafted, Brewer has increased his 3-point percentages from 19% to 28-30%.

However, Corbin wasn’t just a threat on defense, during the 1989-90 season he was 2nd in overall scoring. In a match up where both players’ talents reach far beyond their stats, Tyrone Corbin wins the fantasy battle over Corey Brewer.

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