Tale of the Tape: Ricky Rubio vs. Pooh Richardson

Tale of the Tape: Ricky Rubio vs. Pooh Richardson

Cristy Brusoe
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Editor's Note: As part of our 25th season celebration, Timberwolves.com will put together a Tale of the Tape each week during the month of December showcasing a fantasy basketball matchup between the Wolves' current starting five and its starters from the 1989-90 inaugural season. First up on the list is a battle of the point guards: Ricky Rubio and Pooh Richardson.


As the Minnesota Timberwolves first-ever draft choice, Pooh Richardson came into the organization with hefty expectations on his shoulders. With his confident personality and friendly demeanor, Pooh quickly became a fan favorite (usually attracting a crowd wherever he went). Halfway through the season, Richardson took over as the starting point guard and acted as the court general for the young Wolves team, setting up plays and leading the team in assists. Richardson was a member of the NBA All-Rookie Team for the 1989-90 season.

At only 23 years old, Ricky Rubio is already one of the team leaders for the Timberwolves. His court vision and passing ability have been compared to the likes of Pete Maravich and Steve Nash. Whether it’s no-look alley oops, through the defender’s legs or behind the back passes, Rubio has dazzled fans with his flashy style. He leads teammates to easy layups or swift shots. Ricky has also led the team in total assists the past two years. Rubio was also a member of the All-Rookie Team his first season.

One on One:


Advantage Ricky Rubio Pooh Richardson  
Height/Weight X   Ricky has three inches on Richardson
Free Throws X   No competition here...Rubio makes 80 percent of his free throws. Richardson made 59 percent.
Field Goals   X Pooh was much more of a pure mid-range shooter, making 46 percent of his shots. Rubio has struggled with consistency, making 36%
3-Point Shooting X   Rubio just edges Richardson 32 percent to 28 percent. Rubio is shooting 36 percent from 3 this year, however, but neither is known for their 3-point range.
Rebounding X   Ricky is much more active on efense, collecting nearly four boards a game.
Steals X   Both players have active hands. Ricky is just a tad quicker
Assists X X This is a draw. Rubio averages more assists per game. Richardson had more total assists.
Turnovers   X Ricky's tricky passes offer the opportunity for turnovers. Richardson rarely turned it over.
Points Per Game   X Pooh was more of a natural shooter. Ricky is more of a pass-first point guard
Total Score 6 4 Ricky holds the advantage in six of the nine categories



Ricky has unusual length for the point guard position that would absolutely benefit him, especially on the defensive side. He has the ability to drive the ball down the lane and draw defenders in to create open shots for teammates. Rubio makes every one of his teammates around him better. The biggest knock on Ricky is his inability to shoot the ball consistently. He has drastically surprised on defense since his debut, knocking balls out of opponent’s hands and hustling for pass interceptions and loose balls. He possesses charisma in leading the team and running the offense.

Pooh Richardson was known for being a true point guard and pure shooter. He used his smaller stature to be shifty and agile, winding his way in between defenders and driving to the basket. As a rookie he became the team’s quarterback in navigating the offense. His innate vision on the court allowed him to find the open man and set teammates up for the perfect shot. Similar to Rubio, Pooh was an exhilarant crowd pleaser and overwhelming fan favorite. The biggest beneficiary of Richardson’s quick passes during the 1989-90 season was shooting guard Tony Campbell, who averaged 23 PPG.

Overall, we believe Ricky’s developing lockdown defender traits, consistency at the free throw line and length gives him the advantage in this week’s fantasy matchup.

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