Staff Mock Draft -- Coming Soon


Last week, Randy Foye represented the franchise at the 2007 Lottery, and observed as the Wolves held onto the No. 7 pick in the coming June 28 draft. Of course it would have been as sweet as a Johan Santana change-up to lurch into the top three, but the importance of maintaining Minnesota's pre-lottery spot should not be overlooked.

This draft features, arguably, at least 10 no-brainer guys who can really get after it on the court, but there are seven players that are particularly appetizing in terms of what they might add to the Wolves' roster. Had any team behind Minnesota landed in the lottery, the Wolves would have dropped at least one valuable spot.

What's the point, you ask? You're going to get a baller in here in the seven slot for a Minnesota team that's certainly not the seventh-least talented team in the NBA. Now, before draft day comes, we have plenty of time to break players down, analyze how respective guys might fit into the squad and conduct mock drafts. Speaking of the latter, we've enlisted the help of our Timberwolves staff to conduct the first one.

Various staffers have been assigned to one lottery team each (in most cases arbitrarily) and will act like general managers as we go 1-14. Here's the list:

#, Team, Wolves Staffer (Department)
1) Portland - Amy Taylor (Reception)
2) Seattle - Brad Waldman (Sales)
3) Atlanta - Bryant "Ice" Pfeiffer (Ticket Sales)
4) Memphis - Jeff "Munn" Munneke (Fan Relations)
5) Boston - Scott "Spear" Spiridigliozzi (Interactive Services)
6) Milwaukee - Adam Rose (Public Relations)
7) Timberwolves - Crunch (Mascot)
8) Charlotte - Amanda Neby (Community Relations)
9) Chicago - Mike Trudell (Me)
10) Sacramento - Laura Jackacki (Fan Relations)
11) Atlanta - Dwayne Toatley (Group Sales)
12) Philadelphia - Lisa Bennett (Game Operations)
13) New Orleans - Mike Amundson (Group Sales)
14) L.A. Clippers - Mike Welch (Corporate)
Stay tuned to for a full report of the coming staff mock draft.