Spotlight On ... Chrissa

Timberwolves Dancer Chrissa joins us for a Spotlight to talk about her stint as Miss North Dakota, what she thinks of dancing for an NBA team and coffee ice cream.

MT: Can you explain why you chose Captain Planet as your favorite person in the world on your profile page?
Chrissa: I know he is before my time ... Isn't he a cartoon character? I think he was early '80's. I googled it one time. When I was looking for a job I did this comic book, and I photoshopped my face into all these different superheroes and was trying to get employers to check out this comic book of me. Captain Planet was one. I just came to admire him.

MT: I guess that's fair. So, are you ready to admit that Minnesota is a better state than North Dakota?
Chrissa: It's so funny because people are like 'Oh you're from North Dakota!?' ... People think it's a different world and I say, "We're a bordering state!' We're not that different. Minnesota's just bigger. There's more to do. But I can't answer the actual question.

MT: Don't want to throw your state under the bus, huh? Well, does there exist a similar animosity-fueled relationship between North and South Dakota as there between Minnesota and Wisconsin?
Chrissa: We are so nice in North Dakota, we get along with everyone. Really, I don't think we have a rivalry.

MT: Really? OK. You're a long-time Saturday Night Live fan. Why isn't it as good as it once was?
Chrissa: It's true, it's not as good as it was. Obviously, the best year was Will Ferrell, Sherry O'Terry, Molly Shannon ... But there are still really good episodes. I'm normally doing stuff on Saturday nights but I watch when I can, often just the re-runs on E.

MT: Is there anything you can't miss on TV?
Chrissa: I don't watch a lot, but I did watch 'Scott Baio is 46 and pregnant. Kinda lame, but...

MT: 'Charles in Charge' was good though.
Chrissa: I think that was before my time.

MT: You were Miss North Dakota for 2005 and competed in the Miss USA pageant. Counter the Pageant stereotypes some may have:
Chrissa: People think pageant girls are super-trained, they can't be goofy and they are really stupid, but that's kind of the opposite. Sure, you'll have people who are like that, but you generally can't be really unintelligent and win something, especially when you are being interviewing. People just assume that you are fake, but that's not the case.

MT: And I'm sure it did a lot for you.
Chrissa: Definitely. I got to experience a lot of public speaking events and do a lot of PR things that I wouldn't normally get to experience.

MT: There had to have been some bratty girls...
Chrissa: Oh my gosh, some girls were super mean. Certain states were not nice. Let's just say that the bigger states are snottier because they've been in pageants more. Some of the girls acted like they had it in the bag, and, for example, I was told to have a padlock on my dress because girls would cut your dress or rip it at the seam.

MT: Seriously?
Chrissa: Yeah. I was scared. I had my evening gown with me at all times, or put it in a safe place.

MT: Crazy. You like to sleep in, yeah?
Chrissa: I get up for work at 6 a.m. every morning, but Saturday morning I get to sleep in until 1 o'clock. I don't have a pattern. My body doesn't adjust, so I could sleep in every day.

MT: You co-hosted a radio show in college. How did that work out?
Chrissa: It was my sophomore year at North Dakota State on a college radio station. We played college songs, unknown bands. We talked, did stupid news ... It was definitely humor based, we did contests, gave dating tips and stuff that was going on on-campus. It was on all through Fargo. I don't know if many adults listened to it, but it was a college station. It was on at 10 o'clock in the morning. We did a contest one time and got one call, so I don't know if we were that popular.

MT: Sorry. What's so great about coffee ice cream?
Chrissa: I love Hagaan Daas little pint-sized coffee ice cream. I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but it's delicious, and it's 50 percent bad for you and amazing.

MT: Not sure what that means. In other news, you hosted a murder mystery on your birthday with the other Timberwolves Dancers. Tell us about that.
Chrissa: Yes, we always wanted to do one so I looked online and bought a kit on eBay. Everyone gets a character and ours was this big Greek wedding murder mystery. You can buy them for like 30, 40 bucks, but I got ours for like six dollars. It has a script, a paper copy. We all had to talk in Greek accents and we were all members of the wedding party. I was a bridesmaid, the sister of the bride and I was mad because the bride was marrying my lover. The bride, Karen, killed both the photographer, Rachel, and the groom, Annie M.

MT: That's messed up.
Chrissa: I know, I cried. I feel really bad about it.

MT: Finally, we know you wanted to be a Wolves dancer for a long time. How has it been?
Chrissa: I love it. I can't even remember how long I'd wanted to be a Wolves dancer. I remember when I started looking into it there was a girl named Krisandra (now a Vikings cheerleader) on the team and I was looking at the website and I knew she was from North Dakota. That's when I was like, 'Maybe I have a shot! She's from North Dakota, I can do it.' Then when I moved here and got a job, I tried out. It's far exceeded my expectations ... I love to dance and I love the girls and never thought I'd build as close of relationships as I have.