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Thursday, January 27, 2010

SimonsSays 1 on 1 and MAILBAG:
(from Target Center)
Allan from Eden Prairie said:
“Not in the cards against (Kevin) Durant. The Houston game was another story, but against Oklahoma, the Wolves couldn’t stop Durant. He has their number. This was a fun game to watch”

Rod: I agree with Allan and, by the way, a very nice guy and big fan. You know, watching it, you have to admit that Durant was special! However, the Wolves could have won this one just like all the others. That’s what players are talking about, NOT jumping head first into the K-Durant praise pit.

(From GameON! taping)
Scott R. from Columbia Heights asked:
“I read the papers and get the negativity. I believe they need to add a player or two now to help Love and Beasley. Most importantly to me, I can now afford to take my family and we love the games because there’s something there for all of us. MUCH better experience than the past few years”.

Rod: Scott, thanks for mentioning the fan experience so we can pass it along. The Wolves staffers spend a lot of time trying to make it a memorable experience for fans. They want you to come back. They understand that wins have a great deal to do with that equation and the players are working on that. Will trades happen? As the deadline nears, I’d imagine some moves will be made. But I can’t see the Wolves building blocks going anywhere.

((From Target Center/1 on 1 with me))
Kevin B from Stillwater says:
“Do players hear or read or pay attention to you guys in the media? If I were the players and heard some of the stuff being said about me, I’d be furious. The players have to get bugged by it all. Do they see it getting better”?

Rod: Two answers for you and yes, the Wolves players feel as if it’s starting to get better, they just haven’t made it happen. I’ll say it again, it’s getting closer. Kevin, in regards to hearing the talk about the Wolves, well, it’s unavoidable. Players hear the biting comments. It bothers the few who listen with both ears. These days, players are tied into that vast network with twitter and facebook accounts linking them right to fans. They also watch SportsCenter and they can’t avoid interaction with reporters, here and in other markets. And they are just like us, they have feelings and sometimes it gets under their skin. But all in all, they have a better feel of their team than we do. They have not given up. Quite the contrary.

((Target Center @ game))
Barbra M. from Roseville asked:
“If Kevin Love doesn’t get into that All-Star game, I might just stop watching the NBA. He played his heart out (against OKC) and he has truly become a special player and very important to this team”.

Rod: I feel the same way and after talking to Love last week about this very subject (and reading his body language), he does too. Love knows he’s an all star and wants to be honored with an invitation to play.

(from GameON! taping)
Jayson from Blaine:
“I HATE the fourth quarter”.

Rod: I get that. I do too (at times). At some point, it’ll turn. Just watch. You are a lucky man (as I am). Your wife loves to go to games with you. Good stuff!

(From GameON! taping)
Susan (Jayson’s wife who courageously came along with him to the show taping):
“I grew up a Cleveland fan. Tired of hearing how bad the Wolves are. We’re not cursed on this team (the Wolves). This won’t last forever. Cleveland’s always going to lose. I moved a few years ago, my parents still live there and moan about our teams all the time. Here, it’s different. I’m glad we live here”.

Rod: There’s a glass half full, eh?! Susan goes to games AND sports show tapings with her hubby. Very cool to see and Susan is clearly emotionally invested in her O-H-I-O teams. She just couldn’t figure out why so many people were, as she called it, “yapping”, about the Wolves. Susan said, “They are better than my Cavs”. She’s right about that. Her passion and devotion to her team reminds me of one of my best buddies. He’s a long time Cleveland fan and man, to this day, his sports ride is always a rollercoaster. He goes back to the Browns and Bernie Kosar, Craig Ehlo and the Cav’s (remember MJ’s playoff posterization of Ehlo?), he’s never forgiven Art Modell and can’t watch the Indians. Here’s hoping the road gets less bumpy, just can’t be at the expense of our Minnesota teams.

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