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A tale of two teams can’t stop fans from having a good time.

I know, NBA players (most professional players in every sport for that matter) hate back to back games, even if they are played in the comfy confines of their home court.


That the case, it’s been enjoyable to have San Antonio and Chicago in town.  And fans, loved it.


Loved it because the Wolves are out of the playoff chase and their season extends to a smattering of games down the stretch. They are playing without vital cogs that helped them secure 39-wins.  Missing Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, Nikola Pekovic and JJ Barea took a huge chunk out of the Wolves attack against da’ Bulls.  But the fans around me didn’t seem to mind.


They were talking about Wolves what if’s and what will be’s. That is what this read will focus on and I was nicely surprised at the range of questions fans, many friends who enjoyed the late season game with my family, were offering.


Randy from Medina: “Do you think Rick Adelman returns next season to coach the team?”  Randy was waiting to bust me with this one knowing I might tap-dance a tad. Here’s what I think.  No.

Coach has a contract but the travel, family concerns and maybe “it’s just time” has taken its toll.  Adelman is the real deal. Straight shooter, fair, a player’s coach and a leader but the past two seasons have taken a toll on him and his family. Will he take time to think it over.  Likely.  Will it be a lot of time. Probably not. Has Coach deflected the “media reports” of his end-of-season departure, yes and very well. Remember, Adelman is under contract but this reporter sees him as taking a turn for family reasons and doing so with class.  THIS is a tough decision for you and me but perhaps not for him.  I hope I’m wrong.


Kathy from Maple Grove (a part of this conversation with Randy and asking this question on the heels of his): “If Coach leaves, does the make-up of this team change?”  Kathy wasn’t surprised when I responded to her question. Regardless of Adelman’s move, yes, this team will be altered even more because they missed the playoffs.  There are players who come and go, in every sport, every off season. Because football rosters are so large, I’m always surprised by the mass turnover of those rosters. Now, who comes and goes? Unsure. Flip Saunders has a tremendous sense of this team and is already mulling over options.  He knows the free agents, he is Kevin Love conscious 24-7-52 (hours, days, weeks) and Flip, I imagine, is already prepared for the possibility to Coach Adelman’s next move.  Flip has to be. THAT is his job. 


Chris from Plymouth asked “I hate the NBA playoff format.  Why don’t they take the 16-best records and just lump ‘em together.  So, if the West is dominate, as it is, allow 10-teams with stronger records in and 6-from the East. That is the right thing to do. I couldn’t agree more. This may one day get more traction that it elicits now. However, look in the East and now 7 of the 8 teams do (finally) have winning records.  Chris, I agree with you!


Keith from Minneapolis writes “I very much enjoyed reading your SimonsSays today. Very insightful. I think that is how the of fans are. From the weak to the fair weather to the never die. The T-Wolves season was much better than the results. One or two more right moves by FS. I hope it happens. Thanks for helping put things in perspective for those that story”. Keith, thanks for the thoughtful response. Keith is talking about, what other readers called, a Rod Rant, regarding my last blog hitting on a team that disappoints and fans reaction to that team, I called it you never know what you got ‘til it’s gone (SimonsSays 3April2014). Thanks for the kind words and if you haven’t read it yet and you love basketball, especially your hometown team, give it a read.  I think you’ll like it.


Melissa from New Hope writes, “I’m a huge Miami Heat fan.  Do you think LeBron (James) will opt out and return to Cleveland?  I hope not. Melissa, my colleagues and I have been talking about this one for some time and no one has the same take. My hope is, yes, that he opts out and creates something very special in Cleveland.  Parity rocks, especially in the NBA and even though feelings were frayed when he bolted and took his talents to South Beach, they’d welcome him home big time.  He could also serve as the Mayor of Akron if he so chooses.


Marty from Osseo asked, “Do you see the Lakers rebounding next season?”  No I do not. Plenty of caution cones and orange worker safety vests in use there.  Would I be surprised if they get it turned around next season? Yes. But that franchise won’t be down for long.


Always great to hear from you so please drop us your thoughts. More next week as the season moves into the playoffs without our Wolves. Keep that glass half full!


If you missed this….:

You have to tip your cap to the Wolves for this special moment in the Spurs game.

During halftime, six of the eight 2013-14 Minnesota State High School League Basketball State Championship teams were honored on court. It included Girls State Championship Teams from A: Win-E-Mac, AA: New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva, AAA: Park Center, Boys State Championship Teams from AA: Esko, AAA: DeLaSalle and 4-A: Lakeville North


And the kid who was an internet and facebook sensation from Hopkins, was also included as the Hopkins boys’ basketball team student manager Grant Petersen as an honorary guest. Petersen has received local recognition for his sportsmanship following the Hopkins-Lakeville North State Championship game. Well done and congrats!!


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