Shootaround Access: Wolves vs. Spurs | April 8, 2014


Timberwolves vs. Spurs | 7:00 PM — Target Center


Where to Watch: Fox Sports North Plus

Where to Listen: 830 WCCO-AM

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich was on his game this morning at his team’s shootaround at the Target Center.

He was insightful, humorous and of course, he had his classic “Pop” comments.


When he was asked how weird of a night it was in Mexico City when the Wolves and Spurs were first supposed to match up on Dec. 4, Popovich enlightened and humored reporters.

“It was, you couldn’t even breath in there. I mean we thought it was toxic pretty quick. We didn’t know that chemically, we’re not chemists,” Popovich said. “But you could smell it and something was burning and you didn’t want to put it in our lungs.”

The two teams hope the generators will be working, not smoking, tonight at the Target Center as they makeup that game. It’s disappointing that the fans in Mexico City won’t be able to attend the game. Popovich couldn’t believe the support the two teams got in Mexico City before the game was supposed to take place.

"Mostly you feel bad for the people there,” Popovich said. “They were so excited it was unbelievable. They were ready for that game. Streets were full outside. People were excited.”

We hope the fans there will be able to take part in the game by watching it. Although, we have a feeling the weather in Minneapolis and Mexico City might be a little different.

No Parker

The Spurs announced that Tony Parker (back) will be out for tonight’s game and could possible miss more time. Popovich said that Cory Joseph will start for Parker. He hopes that he doesn’t have to sit Parker down for the rest of the season and in a “perfect world” he’ll be able to play in a game or two before the playoffs.

This is what makes the Spurs the Spurs. Chances are, Joseph will get plugged in the starting lineup and the team won’t miss a beat. Right when you think they should fall off, they don’t.

“We’ve done it without a lot of guys. But I think that this time it’s a little different because we were all talking about how important it is to get ready, to close games, and this setback from Tony doesn’t help,” said sixth man Manu Ginobili. “But at the same time Cory has been doing a great job when Tony was out. Patty (Mills) has been great coming from the bench. And if Marco (Belinilli) and me have to jump in and help for a few minutes, we’ll do it. But the important thing is just to get him back healthy. He needs to take 2, 3 or 4, that’s all right. We just need him healthy.”

When Popovich asked who was starting for Parker, he responded, “Cory Alexander” before correcting himself.

Alexander was drafted in 1995 by the Spurs in the first round. At least Pop’s got a good memory.

Quick Hits

  • Rick Adelman and Popovich have coached 1,709 and 1,401 games, respectively, ranking first and second in games coached by active coaches in the league. Popovich has a lot of respect for Adelman: “I’ve said many time over many years, he’s probably the most underrated basketball coach in the NBA, he’s done a great job every place that he’s been. He runs good stuff, players enjoy playing for him, and he’s tenacious. He’s one hell of a coach.”


  • Ginoboli said it’s nice to have Belinilli in the locker room because it gives him a chance to get to get his Italian back: “Definitely, I was starting to lose it. The fact that he’s new in the system, that he needed to figure things out, I can help him with that and meanwhile I practice my Italian. Even though under pressure a few times I have been very confusing with the Spanish and English, because with Tiago (Splitter) I speak Spanish. And I said some things that I still can’t understand.” 

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