Season Ticket Spotlight: Todd, Julie and Chloe Fliflet

Todd, Julie and Chloe Fliflet are now in their fourth year as Timberwolves season ticket members, and to them it’s not hard to describe why they choose to stay part of the Wolves family each year.

The memories and the time spent together have them hooked.

“I always knew I would love coming because I love basketball, but some of the other things that have happened since we’ve been season ticket holders are memories I’ll always have,” Todd said. “Like Chloe being kid captain of the game and being in the high-five line with the players. Some of those things I’ll never forget.”

The Fliflets have become staples of Target Center as far as Crunch is concerned. Julie said the Wolves’ mascot comes by every game to find their daughter, Chloe, and give her a high five.

“Crunch comes back every game to make sure he sees Chloe,” Julie said. “They’re just great friends, and he’s so good to her, and it’s just really fun to see how good he is to the kids.”

Julie said the thing they love most about their outings at Target Center is that they know on those evening they will be together as a family getting to experience and make those memories together.

“We would definitely recommend this to other families, and we do,” Julie said. “We bring friends along, we show them how much fun it is to come out as a family. We just love coming, and again, I think it’s just the greatest value out there. I mean 40 nights a year we spend together as a family watching basketball. It’s great.”

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