Season Ticket Spotlight: Steve Terry

TSR Injury Law’s Steve Terry brings business partners to Target Center throughout the winter months knowing full well that they’ll get the experience of a lifetime watching the Wolves play from his courtside seats.

It’s an important piece in how he develops a working relationship with his peers in the business world.

“With our business partners, we have a long-term relationship,” Terry said. “We view everything as long term. But when we invite them to the Wolves and we tell them it’s courtside, they’re excited. They want to see the product, they want to see the players come in from all the teams that are visiting. But they have no idea what they’re going to experience.”

It starts with a valet service on first avenue and a pregame dinner, but that’s only the beginning. From there, they walk into the arena and get closer, and closer, and closer to the court.

“I start smiling because I already know where we’re going,” Terry said. “Then we pass the owner, then we pass the bench, and then we sit down at our seats and there is nothing between us and these fantastic players that we’ve watched our entire lives.”

At that point, Terry and his business partners understand they’re experiencing something truly special.

“And then they know they have arrived, and they want more of it,” Terry said. “How do they get more of it? They continue to work with us, our relationship is cemented forever. It’s a great experience, and we continue to march forward.”

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