Rookie Photoshoot Turns Dunk Contest

Zach LaVine's rookie photoshoot

Megan Schuster
Web Editorial Assistant

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The 2014 NBA rookies had their inaugural photoshoot this past weekend. And what happens when you get the most talented young crop of future basketball stars together in one venue? Well naturally, it turns into a dunk contest. 

The rookies wanted a chance to show off their stuff not only for their new fans and teammates, but also to prove to their rookie classmates just who has the most hops. Wolves second-round draft pick Glenn Robinson III started things off for Minnesota, challenging teammate Zach LaVine to beat his high-flying dunk.

LaVine responded as only he can, doing a circus off-the-wall pass to himself and finishing with the throwdown. 

Robinson III also had a nice moment with former Michigan Wolverine teammates Mitch McGary and Nik Stauskas, as the three combined for a dunk dedicated to all their fans in blue.

If this photoshoot was any indication, we've got some future dunk-contest stars in the making with this rookie class.