Rajon Rondo Workout Interview

2006 Wolves Draft Central

After working out for the Timberwolves, along with C.J. Watson, Solomon Jones, Kenny Adelake, and Christian Maraker, point guard Rajon Rondo (right) talked with Timberwolves.com about the draft.

timberwolves.com: How do you feel you are doing in workouts so far?

Rajon Rondo: I think I’m doing pretty well, I’m just doing what I do best and staying with my game plan.

timberwolves.com: As a point guard, how do you feel about your ability to run a team?

Rajon Rondo: I think I can run a team pretty well. I did it for two years in college, and in a competitive tournament this summer over in Argentina with some of the best players in the country. We came up second and I think I did a pretty good job running the team.

timberwolves.com: How do you think you can help the Timberwolves?

Rajon Rondo: I think I bring the intangibles, the little things on the floor, not necessarily scoring because they have great scorers already. I can do the little things, play defense, dive on the floor to get loose balls, things like that.

timberwolves.com: How exciting would it be for you to play with Kevin Garnett?

Rajon Rondo: I’d be very excited. He’s going to draw a lot of attention, and I’d have to knock down open shots.