Remme and Ratke Pick Their Favorite Foods At Target Center Taste Testing Event

Remme and Ratke Sample Food... A Lot Of Food

Editor's Note: Mark Remme and Kyle Ratke of, along with media members and staff members of the Timberwolves, were able to sample new food items that will be introduced to the Target Center for the upcoming season. While stuffing their faces full of some fantastic food, they put together a top-3 list of their favorite foods from the day. The list was tough to make. Eating everything in sight, however, was not.

Remme's Take

1.) The Ball Hog, 1/2 pound Kielbasa Sausage

This one is worth more than a look. It's a half-pound sausage that on its own would be terrific because of the flavor and the spices. But then you add in the bun, your choice of Ball Park Mustard and Sportservice Secret Stadium Sauce, and the option to put on sauerkraut or sauteed onions, and you've got a recipe for success.

This is a meal in itself--you can add some fries or cheese curds or tater tots or whatever catches your eye, but the 1/2 pound Kielbasa will be a pretty sufficient trip to the concession stand. I piled it up with both the sauerkraut and the onions. Piled it high. It was a major win.

2.) Italian Panini

You know, anytime you have a chance to eat an Italian sandwich, you win. That's just a straight up fact, bro. So this Italian Panini is a win-win for everyone involved. it's got that pepperoni interior with an extrior bread seared to perfection. Then on top of that, you have the chance to add a little marinara sauce (or as my East Coast friends call it, the gravy. And I say that because only my East Coast friends have called it marinara sauce "gravy" to my face in real life). I've got to say, it didn't take me long to finish this sandwich. It's warm, delicious and has the makings of a pretty satisfying halftime meal.

The Italian Panini isn't the only sandwich you can find at the Full Court Press stand outside Section 136. There are also ham, turkey and cuban paninis at your disposal. Take a stroll over to Section 136, which is in the corner right behind the Wolves' bench, and check it out for yourself.

3.) Tater Tot Supreme

So here we go, folks. The Tater Tot Supreme is kind of like that Friends episode where Joey loves Rachel's meal because it's got a lot of really good things poured together into one. Tater tots? Good! Sour cream? Good! Nacho cheese? Good! Pico de gallo? Good!

This is what you get with the Tater Tot Supreme. It's all those things rolled into one little paper bowl, and it is fantastic. It will leave you wanting more, mostly because the tots are perfectly blended underneath that cheese and sour cream. You can't go wrong. You just can't. So try it at the State Fare outside Section 113.

Ratke's Take

1.) Beef Brisket, Big Red’s BBQ

This was the first item I had, and my, oh, my. Talk about love at first site.

The brisket was tender, fell apart perfectly and was served with a zingy barbeque sauce in between two warm buns. I mean, I am trying to explain this in more detail but words can’t describe this.

Two years ago, I went to Kansas City and was able to taste some of the city’s best barbeque. This beef brisket courtesy of Big Red’s BBQ ranks right up there. You did good, Red. You did real good.

Big Red’s BBQ will be located in section 104.

Editor's Note: Remme's a farm boy, so he appreciates a good bovine meal probably more than the next guy. He emphatically endorses the brisket sandwich, too. And if brisket doesn't tickle your fancy, try Big Red's variety. Along with the brisket, you can get a pulled pork sandwich or a BBQ burger, which is a beef patty with a little pulled pork on top.

2.) Panini Sandwich (Turkey), Full Court Press

There were three different Panini sandwiches offered by Full Court Press – turkey, ham and Italian. I wasn’t able to have all three, but I had the turkey and I really don’t know how it could have gotten any better, although a coworker of mine did tell me he had four Italian sandwiches, so there’s that.

The sandwich had about five layers of turkey with melted cheese on top in between two grilled and pressed pieces of Panini bread. It was a thing of beauty.

Full Court Press is located in section 138 and they also offer Cuban sandwiches, which I heard plenty of good things about as well. I need to stretch my stomach Man vs. Food style… I would hate for all of this great food to go untasted.

3.) Cheese curds

This might not be very creative, I know. Cheese curds, you can get them about anywhere these days, but I have an odd relationship with cheese curds. If my house was stashed with cheese curds at all times, I am convinced I would gain 200 pounds and have the constant cheese sweats. Oddly, I’m not sure if I would be entirely upset about that.

These cheese curds were courtesy of the Eastside Grill (sections 109, 129, 211, 225 and 2421). The curds were crispy, yet the cheese melted perfectly while eating it. Sometimes cheese curds get hard and it seems sometimes it seems like you’re chewing a jaw breaker. Not these ones, my friends.

Did I have three helpings? Maybe, that’s none of your business.

In related news, the curds were right next to a tater tot stand that had toppings that included cheese, sour cream and salsa. Those could very easily be at the No. 3 spot as well.

Well, those are my top-3 food items to find this season at the Target Center. If you miss dinner before the game, don’t fret. There are plenty of fantastic this season for hungry fans.

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