Reminiscing With Ratke: Two Days Late

So, this was supposed to be published on Saturday. Well, it wasn’t. I forgot to publish and went to my cousin’s one-year birthday party. It was a rager… Trust me.

I made a few observations, and while normally this would be a Reminiscing With Ratke, today we’ll just make this a random Monday column. Sound good? Good deal.


Now, to warn you, we are entering some dangerous waters. Luckily, I saw “Captain Phillips” a few weeks ago, so I feel like I’ll be fine.

Coming into the season, there was a lot of talk about teams “tanking” and looking ahead to the 2014 NBA Draft – one of the better ones according to experts.

For the most part, teams have remained to be competitive. The one team that everyone thought was going to throw away the season was the Phoenix Suns. Well, Jeff Hornacek has his team primed to make a playoff appearance (barely holding to the eighth seed right now). The Suns also have the possibility to have FOUR first-round draft picks. In all likelihood, they’ll get two.

Other teams such as New York, Milwaukee and New Orleans came into the season hoping to hit the playoffs.

Sometimes it’s smart for teams to build for the future… The league allows it and if your roster doesn’t look like it has a chance to make the playoffs, you blow it up.

Over the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers blew it up.

The 76ers traded Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen to Indiana for Danny Granger and a second-round pick. The 76ers proceeded to buy Granger out.

Prior to that Philadelphia sent Spencer Hawes to Cleveland. The 76ers received Earl Clark, Henry Sims and two second-round picks. Clark was bought about by the 76ers and is now a member of the New York Knicks. Sims still plays for the 76ers. While he’s still young (23), it doesn’t look like Sims going to be a game changer anytime soon. In 27 career games, Sims is averaging 11 minutes, 3.4 points and 3.1 rebounds per game. But hey, they still got the two second-round picks.

Philadelphia actually received a player in all of this, getting Byron Mullens and a second-round pick for … another second-round pick.

Mullens did this the other night:

Go Ohio State!

And in perhaps the best trade, the 76ers gave up nothing and received Eric Maynor’s contract and two second-round picks. Interesting.

So, right now the 76ers have two likely lottery picks. One from themselves (currently the second-best chance to get No. 1 pick in draft) and one from the Pelicans in the Jrue Holiday trade from last season. Right now, that pick will probably be around No. 10. If it is a top-5 pick, however, it will go back to New Orleans. And when it comes to the second round, the Sixers would have the No. 2, 9, 16, 20 and 26th pick.

Since an NBA roster can only have 15 players, it’s almost impossible that these 76ers will keep all seven picks. And remember, the Sixers still have Nerlens Noel on their roster, ready to make his debut next season. If I’m a fan of the 76ers, I’m not sure if I’m excited, scared or upset. Or a combination of all three. Should be an interesting offseason in Philly.

2.) Sad Days In Kobe-Land

The Lakers lost to the team they share their arena with, 142-94 last night (last Thursday). No, that’s not a typo. And yes, that is the team’s biggest loss margin in team history.

In related news:

Updated: The Lakers beat the Oklahoma City Thunder Sunday during primetime thanks to Jodie Meeks and his 42 points. I’ve been watching basketball since I was 5 years old. I’m not sure if I’ve learned anything. Sports and the Food Network. Things I don’t understand but watch roughly 13 hours a day.


The Wolves play the Bucks Tuesday (tomorrow).

I’m just going to leave this here…

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy your week.

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