Randy Foye Injury Update

Wolves guard Randy Foye was re-evaluated by doctors on Monday morning, who determined that while the second-year player is still improving, more time is needed before he can fully participate.

The good news, according to Wolves general manager Jim Stack, is that there is healing going on ... It's just that more healing needs to take place.

"Randy can amp up his workouts and do some more activities, but it's probably going to be a few more weeks," said Stack. "It's good news, but we still want to be cautious."

The bottom line is, Foye's knee is continually improving - as witnessed by a dunk in practice last week - but it's not yet worth risking further damage or re-injury by having him go 100 percent.

"If he responds well to the increased work load, then the time frame maybe will shrink," explained Stack. "But we don't want to put a definitive timetable on it right now."

Indeed, arbitrary timetables haven't helped Foye improve, but instead serve to assuage the general need-to-know regarding his return. Stack said that Foye's certainly frustrated that he hasn't yet hit and passed a timetable, and feels ready to play.

But the doctors and the Timberwolves are most concerned with Foye's long-term health, so "caution" has to be the buzzword. Rushing Foye along doesn't do anybody any good, after all.