Quick Hits | Minnesota at Denver Reaction

After last night’s 132-128 win over the Denver Nuggets, our Kyle Ratke made a few observations. He typed them here. Enjoy.


The Wolves put up 40 points in the first quarter. When I play NBA 2K14, I try to average 25 points per quarter to hit that magic mark of 100.

Minnesota put up 26 or more points in each quarter, including 32 and 34 in the third and fourth quarter, respectively. The Wolves scored a total of 132 points and yes, I know they allowed 128 and nearly lost, but hey, they didn’t.

Ben Franklin once said that the best defense is a good offense. Well, the Wolves certainly have that.

The Wolves scored a big chunk of their points from the free-throw line, hitting 52 free-throws! That’s the most by any NBA team since Phoenix went 61-of-80 against Utah on April 9, 1990 in overtime.

That’s insane. The 132 points are also the third-most in franchise history.

2.) Defense?

Well, this is a different story.

In the first half, Minnesota’s defense was actually pretty decent, allowing just 49 points. The second half? Well, this explains it.

The Nuggets scored 34 in the third quarter and 45 points in the fourth. A lot of that had to do with the aggressiveness of Ty Lawson (more on this soon), but a lot of it felt like Minnesota just wanted the game to end. And I can’t blame them. You scored 132 points. What else do you have to prove?

Actually, maybe the Wolves wanted the Nuggets to score 110 or more points so they could snap their 52 game home winning streak when scoring 110 or more. The other 18 points? I can’t explain that.

Capt. Obvious here: If the Wolves want to make a run at/in the playoffs, this defense will have to tighten up. But on the fifth game of a road trip, I have a feeling the Wolves are just fine with the W.

“We won. That is the bottom line. We won the game, we did enough, and we had a big enough lead that even with the run they had we were able to keep them away,” Rick Adelman sad after the game. “Like I told the team, we won four out of five on this trip. Now you are going home. We know what it is all about. We have to come in with big efforts when we get home.”

3.) Corey Brewer… #NotTop10 (Sorry, Cor)

At least he was a good sport about it.


The Wolves are now 30-29 overall, sitting in 10th place in the tough West. Minnesota is four games back from the Memphis Grizzlies, five games back from the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns, and 5.5 games back from the Golden Stat Warriors.

And according to Basketball-Reference.com, the team has a 22.6 percent chance to make the playoffs.


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