Q&A: C.H. Robinson Worldwide's Angie Freeman


C.H. Robinson Public Relations Manager Mike Wilken (left) and President of the C.H. Robinson Foundation Angie Freeman (right) pose at Target Center at the final home game of WolvesCare Month on Friday. (Photo Credit: Timberwolves.com)

Editor’s Note: Throughout January, C.H. Robinson Worldwide teamed up with the FastBreak Foundation and the Roger & Nancy McCabe Foundation to put on WolvesCare Month, which focuses on some of the Timberwolves’ smallest and bravest fans as they battle long-term or life-threatening illnesses. On Friday at Target Center, Timberwolves.com’s Mark Remme caught up with Angie Freeman, the President of the C.H. Robinson Foundation, to talk about the organization’s partnership with the Timberwolves and what it means to take part in WolvesCare Month each year.

What does this partnership with the Timberwolves each year mean to C.H. Robinson?

Angie Freeman: Well, it’s been an incredible partnership. We have so enjoyed working with the Timberwolves. The Timberwolves are a really important part of this community, a huge asset to this community. And the focus of the Fastbreak Foundation on kids aligns really well with Robinson’s focus. We also spend a lot of our time and our effort focusing on giving back to the community because we think it’s really important to give back to the community that helped make us successful and helped keep this community a great place to live and work. So, focusing on kids with the Timberwolves through this has been a tremendous value to Robinson and our employees tell us they love it.

How important is WolvesCare Month to C.H. Robinson?

AF: It’s incredibly important. One of the things we are really proud of at Robinson is we are consistently named one of the best places to work in Minnesota. One of the things our employees tell us about why they love the company is that the company does put a lot of value on other organizations who are bettering the community. And it is part of how we support them and what we tell them is what we think is important about this company.

What’s the best part of the experience?

AF: That’s a tough one. The games are hard to beat. The experience of seeing those kids out on the court and seeing the looks on their faces when they get to not only be on the court, but interact with the players and get the recognition from all those fans who are cheering them on through their challenges. But, this year the Mall of America experience was great too. The four players who came to be with the 15 kids, walk around the Mall of America, Build-a-Bear, have ice cream… for most kids they can’t imagine getting that experience and a lot of these kids are basketball fans, for them it’s just a dream come true.

Do you feel the excitement from the kids when they are at center court at Target Center being recognized by the fans?

AF: And we hear that from the parents. Their kids will say, “This is the greatest day of my life.” One of the mom’s of two children, who are struggling with cystic fibrosis, said that she’s seen some of her kid’s toughest days and today she had seen one of the best, and I think that says it all.

Did you feel like the players enjoyed the Mall of America Build-A-Bear just as much as the kids?

AF: I think it’s important that they all wanted their own bear and spent a lot of time and effort making them and making sure it was well done. The way that they interact with those kids and give them time and attention and look them in the eyes and cheer them on is an incredible experience.

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