KFAN’s Paul Allen on the Lottery


The NBA Draft lottery is only 12 days away, so we thought it prudent to start collecting opinions from local basketball (expert) minds such as KFAN's Paul Allen.

Here are the rules, in case you're not aware: Any team whose lottery balls do not land in the top three will pick in reverse order of their 2006-07 record. Accordingly, no team can fall three places below their current spot, but any team can get lucky -- like last season's American Idol winner -- and sneak into the top three.

The Timberwolves are currently in the No. 7 spot, so if they do not get into the top three, they'll pick either 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th depending on if one or three teams with better records get into the top three. It's not as complicated as it sounds.

Without further ado, let's check out PA's take on the lottery:

Paul Allen: May 22 is a very important day for Timberwolves' rubes/fans/employees etc. For that is the day we can turn this vibe around and with a little ping-pong-ball-related luck end up with a franchise cornerstone to compliment one of the game's best, Kevin Garnett.

We have a 5.3 percent chance of housing Greg Oden -- I mean, the number-one overall pick -- and while I would love to sell Oden- or Durant-related hope on the 'Fan, gut feeling is we don't get there.

While I am hoping/praying/begging we land somewhere in the top three, here's how it should go:

(1) MILWAUKEE -- Gut feeling is the Bucks get the number-one pick and move on GREG ODEN with the much improved Andrew Bogut playing "the four" exclusively. Keep Michael Redd healthy and Mo Williams improving and the Bucks could make the playoffs next year.

What up, Greg? Dude is not small.
(2) BOSTON -- When Danny Ainge was fined for cheating because he was sitting at a college game with KEVIN DURANT's parents it looked like they were immersed in we-want-your-kid conversation. His defense is better than people give him credit and he can hit threes, block shots and snatch rebounds all game long. Reminds me of what Adam Morrison wants to be but never will.

(3) MEMPHIS -- Grizz are pondering a Gator here but instead go with the well-groomed BRANDON WRIGHT. Since Pau Gasol pretty much plays center all game these days the Tar Heel will fit in sweetly here. I didn't like Marvin Williams as a pro and do not see tremendous success for Wright, either. His offense needs a lot of work and it may take him a few years to figure out the pros.

(4) ATLANTA -- Phoenix gets this pick. The rich get richer. COREY BREWER was made to be a Sun and can do things offensively Raja Bell and/or Boris Diaw cannot.

(5) SEATTLE -- This concludes the lottery run on Gators. JOAKIM NOAH means the Sonics don't have to rely on big men like Johan Petro to win games. They have enough offense with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, so his lack of scoring will not be a buzzkill. Noah is very basketball smart, will grab rebounds, block shots, change shots and steal the rock. He will play in the league for many years.

(6) PORTLAND -- Zach Randolph needs some interior assistance, so let's try something called YI JIANLIAN here.

(7) TIMBERWOLVES -- There are still options aplenty for the Wolves in the seven slot. I hope we move on AL HORFORD to take some rebounding heat off The Ticket. Did you peep this kid's low-post moves all season/tournament long? Yikes, he is ready-made to contribute in the NBA. Hearing some Elton Brand comparisons and, yeah, he should be a double-double guy but his shot blocking never will be in Brand's league. If we get him I am seeing a starting five of Randy Foye, Ricky Davis, Horford, Mark Blount and Ticket. First off the pine would be Craig Smith, Trenton Hassell, Rashad McCants and maybe a second-round pick.

(8) CHARLOTTE -- The Bobcats are overjoyed to nab MIKE CONLEY, JR. here. Raymond Felton has been solid while stealing Brevin Knight's money, but the 'Cats still are in need of point-guard help and this kid can score from anywhere.

Mike Conley, Jr. getting fierce at the 2006 McDonald's All-American Game
(9) NEW YORK -- The Bulls get this pick. The rich get richer again. Chicago needs a big man who can score but will instead opt for Kansas hybrid JULIAN WRIGHT. Kid is a wonderful passer on a team with a bunch of guys who like to gun. If they are bored with Tyrus Thomas because he cannot score in the NBA the Washington center is a possibility.

(10) SACRAMENTO -- The Kings are old and fading. This pick is key to the future of the franchise and ROY HIBBERT will be the one. Brad Miller is hurt every other game these days, Shareef Abdur-Rahim is soft and Kenny Thomas is inconsistent. The Hoya center will fit in beautifully.

(11) INDIANA -- Atlanta gets this pick via the Al Harrington deal. Nice work by the Pacers, by the way. They lose this pick to the Hawks and get to watch Harrington blow up against Utah in the playoffs. This franchise is in a sorry state. Atlanta will select SPENCER HAWES, the center from Washington.

(12) PHILADELPHIA -- The Sixers will take TIAGO SPLITTER and have a frontline of Splitter, Sam Dalambert and Andre Igoudala, which is pretty nice and very defensively sound.

(13) NEW ORLEANS -- Here's the lottery-related shocker. The Hornets will move on ALANDO TUCKER because he is ready to win in the NBA, plays awesome defense and fits a need. Most have him going in the late 20's, I see him going here.

(14) L.A. CLIPPERS -- Sam Cassell's days are numbered and Shawn Livingston is very inconsistent. ACIE LAW will roll in there and make them better posthaste.