1-on-1 with David Kahn

Timberwolves Radio Producer John Focke caught up with President of Basketball Operations David Kahn for a one-on-one interview about the upcoming season, which begins tonight at home against Oklahoma City.

Kahn addressed a variety of topics, including the additions of rookies Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams, signing guard JJ Barea and bringing on new head coach Rick Adelman.

"His record for success is enormous, and I think it just gives us a feeling of confidence for the players and the front office," Kahn said of Adelman. "It's just been a great addition so far for us, and I expect it to be that way for a number of years."

Kahn said the Wolves are feeling the energy buzzing around town about their new-look team and the possibilities of a strong season in 2011-12.

"There's a nice feel throughout the entire franchise right now," Kahn said. "Not only about this season, but I think people can now start to see so much of what we've been planning to do the last couple of years is starting to come together and that it should not only bode well for us this season but for seasons to come."

The Wolves take on the Thunder at 7 p.m. tonight at Target Center.

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