NBA-E with KFAN’s J.G.

Too much funny stuff happens off the court not to have a web-radio show dedicated to the wacky, zany and ridiculous. As such, we enlisted KFAN's Justin Gaard to talk about hoops and Hollywood.

In the first edition of "NBA-E* With J.G.," the P.A. and Dubay producer and I talk about the blogs of Gilbert Arenas, the Rhino and Etan Thomas, and go through two big lists: Entertainment Weekly's "Top 50 Smartest People in Hollywood" and the New York Daily News' "50 Dumbest People in Hollywood."
*The E, of course, stands for entertainment, so that we can feel free to talk about Hollywood items not related to basketball.

If you're a hard-line, on-the-court only hoops fan, this isn't for you. But if you like hearing about ridiculous things NBA players do and say off the court, and watch "The Hills" or "The Bachelor," you're in the right place.

CLICK HERE to listen.