NBA Says Foul Call Missed On Rubio's Last-Second Shot

by Mark Remme
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NBA: Foul Should Have Been Called On Rubio's Shot

Mark Remme
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The NBA announced Thursday that the referee crew officiating the Wednesday night showdown between the Timberwolves and Lakers should have called a foul on Ricky Rubio’s last-second game-tying attempt. Los Angeles won the game 120-117, its 22nd straight victory over Minnesota.

The Wolves trailed by two with Bryant going to the line. He made the first free throw, then missed the second. Rubio got the rebound, ran up court and let loose a 28-foot 3-point attempt as Bryant came from behind and contested the shot. No foul was called, although the consensus in the Wolves’ postgame locker room was the whistle likely should have been blown.

On Friday, Wolves coach Rick Adelman said he knew the acknowledgement was probably coming and that he’s in favor of looking at expanded replay for such instances.

“They use it for everything else, it just seems like in a lot of the other situations one guy may have a difference in opinion from the other two,” Adelman said. “With games on the line, it just seems like they should look at it. But I don’t know what the steps are for that.”

Adelman said he isn’t sure how that process would go about taking place, and it might take a bigger scenario for it to happen.

“I don’t know, maybe if it’s a game in the playoffs and somebody gets knocked off, then it might have more impact,” Adelman said. “It's one of those things where we were down and it was a last prayer, but I don't think Kobe should have gone for the block, either. I'm sure he won't agree with that.”

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