NBA All-Star Commerical: Love Is Blind

This was a cool day at the office.

A few weeks back we talked about Grant Hill's visit to Minnesota to chat with Kevin Love for NBA Inside Stuff. The two went to lunch at Huberts, then came down to the LifeTime Fitness Training Center to showcase Love's rebounding and outlet passing. While they were doing that on one end of the court, a crew was setting up for a new commercial that just aired this week for NBA All-Star. Love wrapped up his interview with Hill, walked to the other end of the court and began preparing for this new spot that's on television right now.

In this commercial for the NBA All-Star Game on TNT, Love is blindfolded and tasked with hitting 3-pointers from the top of the key. That was real. Love really was shooting with a blindfold on and hitting consecutive shots. He shot a few takes of him shooting from the side to get that sequence, then they moved the cameras and the crew to the corner so they could simultaneously shoot shots from the floor baseline and from the camera attached behind the glass. It took a few takes (he was blindfolded, folks, and Love had a few sequences where he hit two out of three) but he hit four shots in a row way faster than we (and I think the crew) thought he would be able to do. After all, that's not an easy shot to take when you can't see the basket.

"It was a lot of fun," Love said afterwards. "They put me out there. I was used to the rack being there with the balls from being in 3-point competitions—I've done those a few times—but they put the blindfold on me and that was a little different. I kind of had to make it up on the spot."

We have a behind the scenes video RIGHT HERE, so check that out. FYI, this was the same group that did the Kevin Love fantasy basketball spot last year.

I wouldn't bank on Love blindfolding himself on the court over All-Star Weekend, but if you see him hitting 3s like crazy in New Orleans at least you'll know how he's been training.

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