Munn's Musings | Nov. 12, 2013

Editor’s Note: Vice President of Fan Experience Jeff Munneke is a beloved member of the Timberwolves family, and as an employee of the team since the inaugural 1989-90 season, he has a lot of on and off the court knowledge about the team. That ranges from top halftime acts and coolest players all the way to season ticket eating venues and most memorable games. Each week during the 2013-14, Munn’s going to share that knowledge with us through Top 5 lists in this “Munn’s Musings” blog. Enjoy!

5. Quick Change

Quick Change. They are old school Vegas, they dance and magic tricks. They whip through a series of warp-speed costume switches behind a mini curtain and in front of your eyes they go from tuxedo, dress in red feathers, bumblebee dress, dress with fringes and then usually ends with Quick Change "Dude" changing into local star’s uniform. I became so curious or frustrated that I may or may not have made an appearance up into our rafters to solve the puzzle. Didn't help much.

4. Rubberboy

Knowing I'm game for anything in pop culture, crazy and zany, our game ops director stopped me in the hall a number of years ago and mentioned, "make sure you check out halftime.” I was immediately intrigued as what appeared to be a guy cramming his body into an 18-gallon box (13.5 inches x 16 inches x 19.5 inches) being walked out to half court like a suitcase. The collective grown from the crowd began with him bending backwards where the top of his head can touch the seat of his pants like a creature from John Carpenter’s "The Thing.” With fingers open over faces in mock disgust but morbid curiosity he continued on with putting himself through toilet seats and tennis rackets.

Where my gag reflexes kicked in was when he dislocated both arms and legs and turned his torso 180 degrees.

(Fingers open over face.)

3. The Red Panda

Queue the music...........any basketball fan will know the unmistakable tune of Red Panda!! The Panda is an acrobat who rides a unicycle, balancing plates on her foot then flips plates onto her head one at a time. The question I ask everyone is how in the world did she wake up one day and say, "Yep, going to start kicking bowls up on the melon today while riding a bike.”

2. Crunch Mascot Game

How can you not like a walking box of creamettes with arms straight out that cannot clasp his arms to be able to catch the ball or former staffer Gonzo being inside the 12-foot Super America man suit while wearing pirate shoes or the furry creature that is a 6'4" intern stuffed into a 5'8" bear costume? But the all timer that ended up being ESPN play of the day was a Timberwolves staffer dressed in the Barney suit. Barney was having some trouble seeing through the head of the costume ultimately tripping over his feet at half court. Head falls off staffer (Beeley) and starts rolling down the floor like a Earl Anthony bowling ball while staffer is on all fours desperately trying to catch the rolling head... Perhaps the single most traumatizing Timberwolves event all time other than getting ping pong ball number No. 3 in the Shaq lottery.

1. Amazing Christopher

Dude in a fringed black vest, black briefs and headdress, dancing around a basketball court to Village People's YMCA — surrounded by four men dressed as other members of the Village People, the cop, the cowboy, the biker and construction worker, only they're not actually dudes, but life-size human puppets, attached by linked poles moving as one. What shot this to number No. 1, however, was standing next to Sid Hartman in the tunnel and hearing, "Those guys are good. How do they do that?"

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