Munn's Musings | Jan. 21, 2014

Editor’s Note: Vice President of Fan Experience Jeff Munneke is a beloved member of the Timberwolves family, and as an employee of the team since the inaugural 1989-90 season, he has a lot of on and off the court knowledge about the team. That ranges from top halftime acts and coolest players all the way to season ticket eating venues and most memorable games. Each week during the 2013-14, Munn’s going to share that knowledge with us through top-5 lists in this “Munn’s Musings” blog.

Over the course of our 25 years as a franchise we have tried a number of "Premium Items" for our seat members and fans. These items can range from a schedule magnet (wildly popular and needed) to a wrist rubber band.

Based on feedback received in conversations over time, I believe these would be our top 5:

1. 15 Year football jersey - Fun to see those still coming through the gates.

2. 5, 10, 15, 20 year scarf's received last season - Made popular in soccer and worn proudly in our Minnesota chill.

3. 10th Anniversary black leather binder - they DON"T wear out.....ever.

4. Series of four bobbleheads - KG, Marbury, Sam, Kevin McHale - picked up your ticket at Twolves game, redeemed bobblehead and Rainbow. Scalpers getting up to $50 per ticket.

5. Mark Madsen babushka doll - First of our series of Russian nesting dolls.

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