Media Day Musings

Usually we have to eat the veggies to get to the desert. Right?

When you watched "The Hills" last night, you knew that you'd have to suffer through some ridiculous and obvious MTV-producer scripted moments. Otherwise, how do LC and ShePratt conveniently wind up at Doug's party after Doug (LC's x-fling) and ShePratt hung out behind LC's back (shocker)? While you got some annoying (yet admittedly entertaining) fake fighting, you also got some solid pleasure when ShePratt overheard Doug say that he can't stand her, and burst into tears. Well worth the wait.

It's kind of like being in the White Sox locker room after the one-game-playoff-forcing win ... After hearing the same B.S. from ten players, you find A.J. Pierzynski, the one guy that might say what he thinks: "I'm sick of all those weak bloop singles from the Twins, and Nick Blackburn sucks. We're going to smash Minnesota tomorrow."
Wouldn't that be more interesting than "Minnesota is a quality baseball team and we truly need a complete team effort to beat them tonight?"

At Wolves Media Day Monday at Target Center, one shouldn't have been surprised to get a lion's share of clich