Madsen, Telfair Talk Shootout

Sebastian Telfair played in the Gatorade Timberwolves Shootout as a high school sophomore in 2002, with his Lincoln H.S. crew losing to Mlps. Patrick Henry. As for Madsen, you can always expect a Mad Dog sighting at Shootout...

Mark Madsen on the Shootout
On this year's Shootout:
Mad Dog: I may get out and watch a game or two this year. I’ve always had a really good time at Shootout and hopefully I’ll get to come down and watch some up-and-coming NBA players.

On great young talent at the Shootout:
Mad Dog: I remember last year everyone was talking about Kevin Love and now he’s doing a great job at UCLA. He’s a great rebounder and somebody that probably has some really strong NBA ability. It’s just a lot of fun to see the talented guys that come through.

On the opportunity for the kids:
Mad Dog: It’s a great opportunity for these high school kids to play in a big-time arena and get a feel for what it’s like to play on a long court. I’m excited for them.

Sebastian Telfair on the Timberwolves-Gatorade Shootout
On coming to the Shootout as a high school sophomore at Abraham Lincoln H.S. in Brooklyn:
Telfair: I’m going to have to that game on tape. I remember coming here and I remember losing. That was one of our few losses on the road when I was in high school. I do remember coming here and playing on this floor. But it was an amazing experience to see so many people come and watch us at Target Center.

On playing at Target Center twice before he was a professional:
Telfair: Actually I came here twice. Once it was with AAU basketball with Brooklyn USA the year before and then I came here to play in the high school classic.

On losing to Mlps. Patrick Henry:
Telfair: One of our main guys was injured, that’s the first thing. But yeah, we were surprised, they played a tough game against us. We definitely weren’t expected to lose, but they play some good basketball in Minnesota.

On the experience overall:
Telfair: It is a great experience, first of all for the guys that may never get the opportunity to play on an NBA court. We were high schoolers playing on an NBA court, so that was a huge thing for us. A lot of guys I played with, it was their first opportunity. It’s also an opportunity where guys get to travel. We got on a plane coming from Brooklyn going to Minnesota and that was a huge thing for us. We went to Mall of America too, I remember that, and I brought my sister.